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The Auditioning

Last night I auditioned for the upcoming Christmas Pantomime, this years play is Jack & The Beanstalk. The director this time around is looking for a smaller cast since the play only has 10 speaking parks and she is looking for an even dozen for the chorus.

Considering that there’s over 30+ auditioning there is going to be some serious disappointment in two weeks time when she announces whose got what parts and whose going to be left out in the dirt.

Here’s hoping that I get some good news. *fingers crossed*

"Yeah, well I’ve always played comedy. My background is musical comedy theatre and that’s really where my training is. As an actor, that’s my training."

— Christopher Walken (actor)

SFCT presents The Three Musketeers by Ken Ludwig, directed by Lynda Daniluk

Theatrical Bug

Isn’t it sort of ironic that I couldn’t watch the Oscars simply due to the fact I was at the theatre for The Three Musketeers rehearsal…

I think more like unfortunate since I guess it would of been ironic if it were the Tonys, ya think?

No More Funny Money

Yesterdays matinee show wrapped up the final performance of Funny Money at the local community theatre. Seven shows, five evening and two matinee performances, and that ends a successful run.

I had a blast working up in the tech booth, my partner in the booth was a young high school lad, Aldous, who did the sound. He’s a pretty smart kid with a good head on his shoulders. Very, very articulate as well.

Well, now that show is over and done with it’s time for me to focus on my lines for the upcoming “The Three Musketeers” show is underway. Rehearsals have been going on for two weeks now and it promises to be a fun family filled performance.

Look at the pretty lights.

The Theatre Calls My Name…

"Funny Money" has it’s opening performance this evening. The first of seven performances spread out over the next two weeks. I’ll be busy in the tech booth, doing the lighting tonight, tomorrow night, and as well as the Sunday matinee show.

I told them I wouldn’t be able to do Saturday evenings since I’m otherwise engage in another social activity. :)

Adventures Of Lighting Tech Guy

Last night’s dress rehearsal went off pretty smoothly, with a couple of glitches here and there. But, it is all ended up well. The actors are right in the zone and the timing is the thing in the farce.

Lighting and Sound FX have to be precise in order for things to cue the actors. Last night’s was a complete run with lighting, fx and actors dressed in costume as their characters. There are two acts in the play and each runs about an hour, there is an intermission in between for those to stretch their legs, go for a smoke or whatever they want to do in the 10 minutes time in between.

Tonight is another rehearsal and then tomorrow the theatre goes dark prior to the first performance on Thursday.



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Hi Fiddle Dee Fee An Actor’s Life For Me… Maybe.

Auditioned last night for a role in the upcoming Smiths Falls Community Theatre production of “The Three Musketeers”. I hope had to up my game and went into it with robust, hopefully it is good enough that the director will cast me in a bigger part this time around.

For the past few weeks prepping for this audition I was walking about the house, reciting lines from plays, movies and tv shows and listening to how I say it. Hopefully, I’ve improved a bit to show that I’ve got what it takes to play a larger role in a production.

In the last production I was on stage for a mere 30 seconds. Playing a guard who rushes onto the stage and drag one of the main actors off.

Prior to that I had auditioned for “Funny Money” but didn’t get a role because the director didn’t see me in a part, it’s understandable since there where no secondary roles and they got to go with the talent is.I feel confident that my acting chops are getting better and better as the years go on.

Though, you know you got no talent when a director doesn’t even cast you as an understudy for a role for fear of the main actor getting ill or having a night off and you just might take their place. I’ve asked a friend of mine whose been on the stage and asked her to give me the straight honest truth and she did and I’m thankful for that. It made me see what I’ve been missing over the past auditions. I lacked the confidence, the presence on the stage and I got to stop saying “Ummmmm” a lot of the times.

So, this time around I’ve got broad shoulders, I’ve been watching actor workshops on Youtube. Basically, self teaching myself how to talk on the stage. Hopefully this time around the director sees me in a part… if not then there’s always the next production down the pipe.

The show goes on with or without you.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I’m reading this play once again since I picked up a copy at a used book store. Figured I’d give it a go since it’s been decades that I have read it. Also, figured it would be nice to hone my acting skills some by memorizing a scene or two to recite.

I think it’s time to amp up my acting skills some and be the kind of actor that a director will see me in the part or even get a chance to turn down. I have known a couple of actors that where offered parts but turned down the roles due to other commitments.

That’s my goal. A new and improved and pompous me! Muahhahahaha.