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One Is The Loneliest Mountain

So, yesterday I spent the day sketching out a map of a tolkienesque world for a Rolemaster Express setting. Sure, I could of broken out the Middle Earth Role Playing Game for it, but I wanted to make the setting my own and not be established world where the players know a thing or two about the setting as well.

Inspired by The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I had to go back and watch the first one in the series over again. I seriously thought about dusting off MERP once again, but decided to change it up some and use the new Rolemaster Express Role Playing Game that I had recently acquired. So, “One” was born. I jotted down a few notes about the area and settlements and where everything resides; a couple of story arc ideas as well; well liberated from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as well.

I just might kick it off this weekend since I have two new players joining the group. Though, they cannot commit to a weekly session just once a month kind of thing. It just might be up my ally to run a Rolemaster Express game.

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City by a sea. #roleplaying

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Unknown Armies kind of night! (Taken with Cinemagram)

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Mapping out a Dungeon (Taken with Cinemagram)

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This is where the magic starts.

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While cleaning up the back closet I discovered a home spun adventure by an old friend; The Tomb of Keshek-in-Barra!

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I’m in a bit of a Cyberpunk/Shadowrun dark future post apocalypse mode this Sunday morning. I’ve dusted off a few of the games and jotted down a few ideas of scenarios I want to run one of these days. The beautiful thing about my Saturday night group is they are willing to play anything that is thrown on the table.

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Of Acting and Playing Games

Well it’s been 6 days since Anne With an E wrapped up it’s final performance. We went out with a sold out show and a standing ovation! So now it’s time to get back into the swing of things, though there are auditions in September 8th-9th for “Camelot - A Pantomime” held at the theatre.

I will be auditioning for a part in that and hope to heaven’s to betsy that I get a roll. I want something meatier this time around. But, it seems that each time I get a production the lines I get are fewer and fewer than before. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if the director is trying to tell me something. Oh well that’s theatre life I suppose.

Tonight, is suppose to be the last game night with my current lot of players. Next Saturday, three of them will be heading off to colleges near and far. I had lost three already this summer when two moved off to another city to find a part time job and settle in their apartment. I had one disappear out west over the summer to spend time out there with some family. I couldn’t do much the past few weeks while working with Anne With An E. So tonight is a night just to kick back and enjoy the company of the gamers before they split… some of them promise to be back on weekends (but I think that is highly doubtful).

So, after this week I will done to two players around my table. Instead of the seven that had been a staple around this table for several months.

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Threat levels!!!

To add more tension to the scenario, the illustrious Game Master puts these beads on the table to show the threat level of the creatures/situation that are close by. As you can see there were tons of threats close by!

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My Dice of Betrayal

I signed up for the Primeval RPG scenario “Feast or Flight” runned by John M. Kahane. Primeaval RPG is a game that will be soon released by Cubicle 7 using the game mechanics of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space rpg. So two d6 is basically what you need to play.

The system is very easy to learn (and maybe years to master). Characters have six attributes and a set of skills plus Traits that will help out in situations. The skills have a value of 1 to 6. Skills are the same and help out in situations to determine success or failure. Example: An Awareness of 4 and an Transport of 2 gives you a title of 6 and you roll d26 and get a sum of that number (4) and you add that to your Skill + Attribute + 2d6 = Result. The GM sets the difficulty factor and you must roll over that number to succeed.

Though each player has Story Points which are helpful throughout the session since you can cash it in to help you add more dice to your roll to “boost” your success rate. The GM also can award Story Points for role playing, staying in character or saying something profound in a certain situation that elevates the story. ;)

That’s the basic of the Primeval mechanics and it works well for the system… though in my case my dice were not all that co-operative with me this evening.  From the six players around the gaming table the GM set out pre-gen characters for us to go through and choose who we want to play. The pregens were characters of the tv series… the second season of Primeval and the story as it goes is that an anomaly opens at a summit in a posh resort and we are sent in to investigate and make sure none of the guest at this event ends up on the menu.

The character I choosed for the event was Jake Hemple the ARC Security Man and his assignment is to protect the team and let the others worry about “damage to the timeline” and “Controlling the media”. My one thing is to protect the eggheads, let them do their job and then deal with the problem at hand. Everything was going good, just that my dice would not assist in any attempt of me finding success. Especially, in the moment of need when I spent 2 story points to add 3 more dice to my roll to make sure I get a success and the target number is 14… I end up rolling boxcars with all five dice. Which is good for a yatzhee but not so good and trying to fire off a round or two since those 5 points didn’t help to achieve the success I needed. I was fubared… seriously. ;)

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