Feb 17 2014

Systems Failure: Down The Line

A Quick And Dirty Adventure

Cast Of Characters.
Lynn Li (Psychic O.C.C)
Bob O’Vett (Survivalist O.C.C)
Dawni Lewis (Sawbones O.C.C)

Our adventure begins in The Woods a few months after the events of “End of the Line”. Lynn is in a meeting with town council and they are in discussion about a very serious illness that needs a certain medicine to cure.

Baron Walker Woods young daughter, Ellen, has an illness and needs a serum. Though, they have made scavenging runs to the smaller towns in the areas and have come up with nothing. The council decided to send a small crew to the city.

Names are put into a hat and are about to be drawn, though Lynn volunteers before any name is pulled out of a hat. Dawni steps up as well since she is a medical profession she knows what to look for, and once she does Bob says he’ll tag along as well (since he has a crush on Dawni).

Next morning our heroes are gathered together, they are going to be on horse back with two other guards with them; Gerry Khannen and Hank Fodder. Baron Woods shakes each and every one of their hands and wishes them luck on this quest of theirs.

They go travelling on the old highway throughout the day, A lot of wreckage of cars which the party decides to check a car or two along the way to see if they can find items: CDs’, cigarettes, a bottle of whiskey, etc. Also there are some empty homes, and also a huge area that has been claimed by a forest fire. As evening approaches they decide to hold up in an old farm house, preferring to stay on the top level of the place and setting up traps and alarms.

Dawn of day two.
Our party packs up and moves on, stopping in at the town of “Rivers End” to double check the pharmacy there to see if said item is in stock. The pharmacy has been picked cleaned. While searching around the ground begins to shake a little. Hank brings the horses inside the pharmacy and tether them to a counter.

A Bombardier Beetle wanders up the street with a half dozen Army ants in tow. Lynn Li, unknown to the others, decides to use her abilities and get the Army Ants fighting amongst themselves. She’s successful and the Ants begin to fight each other. The Beetle continues to move.

Bob goes up tot he roof and takes out a LAWS rocket from his pack and hits the Beetle. He figures to take it out now before it does some serious damage later. the Beetle is hit and the Ants that are not busy fighting each other are drawn to the attack.

There is a huge battle that erupts, bullets fly and grens are thrown and Hank gets ripped apart by two Army Ants. In the process he takes them out when he pulls the pin on the two grenades he has. Bob takes out the Beetle since he jumps from the roof top, with M16 firing madly. He lands on the beast and runs up to the head and empties the entire mag into it. He jumps off the bug as it staggers about and goes crashing into a building.

Lynn takes out an Army Ant with the Brosnan pistol. While Dawni sets up a M11 “Fleabag” to go off as well, because there are a few Army Ants that are drawn to the combat as well. The Fleabag gets four out of the five Army Ants and the remain one is Gerry. Gerry is upset his pal Hank is gone.

The party decides to push forward, though Lynn decides to check the Supermarkets in the town since they too have pharmacies as well. They go to “Food & Other Stuff” chain store.

Jackpot! They find a small cache of medicine in they decide to take it with them. They pack up the horses and are about to leave when they hear the droning hum of Bees. Gerry sets up a “Shrieker” and tells the others to get ready to vamoose.

Our heroes mount up and spur the horses as the Bees clear the trees and Gerry let’s the Shrieker go. And they unleash hell as well, bullets flying and Bees are dying. The party makes it out with nary a scratch this time and count their blessings.

Our heroes leave town and head back to Woods Place with not only the medicine they need but others as well.

Fade to Black

Dec 28 2013

Mad Max’d.

Today was one of those days where I just popped in Mad Max into the DVD player and sat and watched it. Then immediately afterwards was Mad Max: The Road Warrior and finally Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

It’s a proper trilogy and Thunderdome was a good send off of Mel Gibson’s portrayal of the beloved Max Rockatansky. You have the beginning, the middle and the sort of end.

I’ve always wanted another Mad Max movie with Mel, but I guess that will not be since Tom Hardy is the Max for the next generation of Road Warrior watchers. I’ve seen the Tom Hardy stills and he looks like the Max between Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome. I’m looking forward to this movie as well and hope that it is all that and a bag of chips.

Dec 27 2013
Time for a little Gamma World (The Real Four Edition and Not the D&D Gamma World edition that everyone calls 4e).

Time for a little Gamma World (The Real Four Edition and Not the D&D Gamma World edition that everyone calls 4e).

Dec 20 2013
"We used to live and die by the rules we made. But our rules like, everything else we built… are breaking down. There’s only one rule left out anyway. One rule above all. Survive"
Sam (Kevin Zegers) - The Colony (2013)
Oct 20 2013
"Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, the head chef, the big cheese. The sunshine of your lives, it’s Sooooooool!"
D.J (Proteus Xanadu) - Doomsday (2008)
Aug 10 2013

AfterWars: The Devasted

Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
Now, cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.

Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks

Cast of Characters:

  • Logan Haze (A Marginal) - Peyton
  • Angus McGee (A Marginal) - Darryl

Logan Haze awakes one morning to find out that several of the people she was with have disappeared. She moves about the shelter searching each room and their is no sign of her friends. She doesn’t know what has happened and decides to go topside to see if she can find any clue.  There is a note found by the ham radio with the scribbled message:

Be Back Soon. Gone to Mistle To Check Something.

Logan equips herself to go topside. Emerging into the cool summer air and a landscape that is devoid of life. No birds chirping, no dogs barking, nothing at all. She checks the house to see if anyone is there, though a window is smash and the house ransack. She has an encounter with a stray dog that gone rabid and she puts it down.

The sound of combat has attracted Angus, who is cautious but yet curious and he sees Logan. He remembers her from high school since she was a few grades higher when he entered it. He calls out to her and there seems to be a confrontation brewing, since Logan doesn’t trust anyone at all at the moment but cooler heads prevail.

They scavenge through a couple of houses finding some items of use, and while at a clinic they encounter 3 Ghoulers (Vicious scavengers that are jackals in human form). A fight ensues and our heroes manage to kill one and seriously wound another before they take off running with the goods (since Ghoulers will take their fallen comrades as food source).

Logan and Angus decide to join together, since a group is better at surviving than being alone.