Oct 20 2013

This meeting is dragging on way to long…

Sep 17 2013

This meeting is dragging on way to long…

Aug 14 2013

Blue Skies On Mars.
That’s what the travel agent promised and that’s what he gotten. Stepping off the shuttle and onto the Edgar R. Burroughs Spaceport.
He got a chill. It’s been the first time he had been on Mars. He had saved his credits to surf the waves at Cydonia. Because they were suppose to be the gnarliest waves this side of the galaxy.

Apr 8 2013

They called it the Sentinel. Since it was alone and unmanned and they found it adrift in the Sectaurian Sector.
When news of it’s discovery first hit the circuit it sent shock waves through the world.
Life. There was life out there. Alien as it may be with weird genetic code and structure but it was intelligent.
The scientist had cracked the coded messages and had discovered the name where this sentinel came from.
EARTH. It was sent from a place called Earth….

Apr 2 2013

This meeting is dragging on way to long…

Feb 13 2013

"I have the fire!"

Feb 7 2013

The subway car shunted along the tracks. The sound was soothing like a lullaby. Max was listening to his DAP it had been awhile since he had a long period of rest. He wasn’t tired at all, just need to listen to some music to get his head straight once again. Who knows when the next time they’d get a much needed break like this.
Frank and Agnst were sitting in the seat behind him. Agnst curled up in the seat, her head nestled on Frank’s shoulder. Frank was still up, looking at the darkness beyond the windows. His thoughts at the moment was about tangerines. He hadn’t had one in a long while, and suddenly he had the urge for one.
It seemed like they had been riding the subway forever and a day. And it will stop and let them off where they need at that moment in time…

I ran a campaign in Feng Shui where the heroes could travel through different times and othewhens through the use of a “mystical” subway system. It was one of the best campaigns I ever ran.

Feb 4 2013

This meeting is dragging on way to long…

Jan 20 2013

It’s full of Stars!

Dec 16 2012

This meeting is dragging on way to long…

Sep 19 2012
"ATTENTION: music does not have an expiration date! Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s not good anymore!"
Aug 10 2012

When November came around, the trees were bare and the sky a bright blue, the crisp breeze was enough of a hint of just how bitter winter would be.
Max stood before the cenotaph, reading the names of the fallen. A tear welled up in his eyes due to the sacrifice that these people have made in order for future generations to endure a better tomorrow…

(Source: acidplanet.com)