This meeting dragging on waaaaaaaaay to long…

Simple City: Population You
Someone scrawled on the bathroom wall. Frank had a slight chuckle over that one as he cleansed his hands.
He stepped out into the main bar area, the band was getting up to start playing. It had been awhile since he been here. Though the faces may have changed, the attitude and the decor didn’t.
That was the best thing about coming home.


Reflections in the rain.

Jane’s Way. Music by me, artwork by Ron Huse.

Mana Junkie - Unidentified Foreign Ontology (by ManaJunkie)

Every thought of what happens when we die?” Goner asked Frank.
Frank stopped sipping his coffee and just gave Goner a stare.
“I mean do you think there is a Heaven and Hell?” Goner continued. “Like a place for the good and a place just for evil.”

Rap by: High Knowledge
Spoken word: by Admiral Bob
Music composed by: Mana Junkie

Tha High Knowledge Crew consists of Racine Ciph, Lazarus Zillah and eddiebing

Oxygeneration (by ManaJunkie)

One of the first songs I’ve ever composed with ACIDpro 4.0.

This is where the magic starts.

Angst sat there with the tablet open, her fingers dancing over the screen. Images flickering past until she got the one she wanted.
She turned the screen to Max and said, “See. Right there!”
Max leaned forward and took the tablet from her and peered at the screen. He was digging around for his reading specs.
“Oh for Pete’s sake,” she said as he flickered her fingers at the screen and enlarged the picture some.

Why must you sit at that typewriter all day?

I want to live on the moon with my robot girlfriend.


i create new versions, to old old memories
i create new visions, to replace reality
to replace your hate
to replace your screaming and my tears
with dissociation
i’m a champ at blocking out my past
but how long will that last?

i wish i could forget pieces
i wish i could pick and choose the truth
but you said what you said
and i left that night screaming
that i am what i am
and maybe you’ll never understand
cuz i am what i am
and i’m not ashamed anymore.

but how long will that last?

and it can’t be erased
like the tattoo on my arm
and you can’t be erased
like the tattoo on my arm…

you’re my never fading scar.
you’re my never fading scar.

words written/spoken by: Mind Map That