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Confession #45

I don’t think I will ever be able to play a character as well as I played my first character. I knew so little about the rules, all I had to rely on was creativity. Now I feel I think too much into things.
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Confession #43

When ever we start a game it’s really fun and zanny, but the GM always what’s to shoehorn a doomsday situation into the game. All the players don’t want to come back to the game because they hate the pressure their characters are under to save the world. It stops being a fun and that’s not why we play.
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Confession #39

He constantly undermines my ability to be a DM, telling my players things that contradict with the way I conduct a game. He also decided to be a chaotic evil when I was about to advise players NOT to choose evil alignments, because it really hinders the progress of a classic do-gooders story (and I am using a classic good triumphs over evil, because I have a table full of new players). They are enjoying my plot, but I feel like HE feels like he’s partially in control, just because we’re the only two non-newbies. I love him, but when it comes to D&D, he can be a pain in the ass.

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"Special Snowflakes"

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Confession #34

sometimes I wonder if it’s so bad that gaming is my biggest hobby. I feel like maybe I should be doing something more productive. Then I sit at the table with my friends, and by the end of the night…I no longer feel that way anymore.
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Confession #12
I feel guilty because I need to kill one of the characters I DM for the sake of the game. He’s a good player, but his fighter needs to die for the final conflict
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