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Bare Trees (G.Caplehorne)
Verse 1
You look at me with apathy,
and I’m done
There’s no escape beyond this place,
we’ve become
We can’t go back to how it was,
that’s your fault
Our fruit has fallen your season come,
with your guilt

This is the way of climate change
The old die young a new friend’s made
Our secrets spoken our feelings rage
This is the way of climate change

Verse 2
The past is the past the future’s blind
You’ll go your way and I’ll go mine
I look to the summer and see the sun
The rains and the winter,
died with our love
The trees that were sleeping and those that were bare,
can blossom and florish,
without you there
The trees that were sleepy are living now,
Their leaves have appeared here,
without you around

White Out (AVR)
Tangled in the
light of snow

The glare of shrill
ice lamina
promptly blinds

The silent roar
of an absent
wind deafens

As you drown in
the emptiness of
vacant space

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