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Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG has finally arrived.

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Anima Beyond Fantasy Character Sheet - The Movie

I’m in the process of making a straight forward basic version of the character sheet because the original looks way too busy and distracting. The others I found online where just re-arrangement of the original sheet.

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Something Lost in The Translation

Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG character creation is a little daunting at first glance and after a quick read at that as well. Though, it took several re-reads before it started to sink into my head. The wording and character example wasn’t exactly sinking into my head.

Considering the rpg is a translation of the original Spanish version of the game. So, once I got past that hump everything seemed to fall nicely into place. Now, that it’s all figured out some and there will be some tweaking after playing a session or two to see how it all unfolds.

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Creating Anima Beyond Fantasy characters.

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Beyond Fantasy, Beyond Gaming

Prepping for Anima Beyond Fantasy session tonight, though it will be more likely a character generation than actual gaming since this is the first time I will be playing the session.

It being a new to me rpg and the first time it’s played around the table will have to sort it out as we go along. All the players know it will be a bumpy session or two until things finally click into place. Takes awhile to get into the flow of the mechanics, style and setting of any new role playing game.

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Now this would be an awesome Anima: Beyond Fantasy character.

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Saturday Knights

… is basically what I call my Gaming Group. Been running a game on this evening for the longest time now. Though, the dynamics of the group has changed over the years (people coming and going). It’s good to be rolling the dice and socializing.

Prepping for tonight’s first venture with Anima: Beyond Fantasy rpg. Will see how the game goes, though it will be char gen and possibly a quick session to show the mechanics of the game system and how it’s played.

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I Have A Bad Feeling About This

I have a bad, sinking feeling that one of the players wants to tank the Anima: Beyond Fantasy rpg because he hates the Final Fantasy video games with a passion. He seems to think the since A:BF is the tabletop version of the video games (which the game is moduled after), so I think he’s going to either sink/sabotage the game session so we can get back to D&D. Though, I could be reading much more into this than I think I am. 

He was upset when I announced that A:BF will be our next game off the shelf and onto the game table. I’ll shall see this evening during the finishing up of character generation to see if that is to be the case.

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Beyond Fantasy Character Gen Session

Anima: Beyond Fantasy

Cast of Characters:

  • Les Nobel, Ebudan Summoner (Michelle)
  • Farron Gallows, Daimak Illusionist (Petyon)
  • Breena Autumndale, Sylvain Acrobatic Warrior (Erin)
  • Guienvere Vain, Duk’zarist Weaponmaster (Shelby)
  • Teau Cezta, Jayan Dark Paladin (Tyler)
  • Tyrel Sharpe, Human Ranger (Darryl)
  • Wilhelm Stormbreaker, Human Weaponmaster (Bill)

Last night’s session was mainly character generation and to show the players the game mechanics with a sample little encounter. The bulk of character generation was done over a two week period with several of the players popping by, looking at the rule book and than deciding what class to play and developing from there.

There were two players who needed to create there characters last night, while the others polished up what they did and transferred their characters onto a much “eye friendly” character sheet.

In Anima: Beyond Fantasy the character race is predominately human, since mankind erased the last traces of other beings that had once shared the world centuries ago. Players can opt to be a “lost soul” referred to as Nephilim. These are the souls of supernatural beings reincarnated in human bodies.

These forgotten races are:

  • Sylvain (elvin)
  • Jayan (giant)
  • D’anjayni (gray ones)
  • Ebudan (celestial)
  • Daimak (forest sprite)
  • Duk’zarist (Dark ones)

A few of the players opted to play “Nephilim” as to make things interesting (besides the bonuses these lost souls wasn’t a deterrent). Players jotted down some background notes on their characters and how they wanted them to be played, with quirks, characteristics and mannerisms (I’ve haven’t seen enthusiasm like that in players in a while now). Then it was to explain the dice mechanics to them.

In Anima all you need is 1d00 (or two ten-sided dice) which helps in determining whether you hit something, block, open a lock, bluff a guard, balance across a tightrope. The higher you roll the better it is, plus there is the open roll factor if you roll 95 or higher you have an open roll and roll again and add that.

All weapons have a set damage and seeing how well attacker hits is all determine in the results of the dice. A weapon can do 10% of it’s potential or up to 400% if the dice are good to you.

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Anima: Beyond Fantasy - Those Who Walked Amongst Us Vol. I. has arrived this morning in the mail! Sweet!

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Jotting Down Some Notes

Been writing up some adventure ideas for Anima: Beyond Fantasy rpg and trying to come up with a good story arc as well for the series of adventures I plan on running. I don’t want to mirror any video games (especially the Final Fantasy ones) but emulate the style and the flare they do manage to have.

Also, it depends on after the next session or two, what direction the characters are going and how the players as well.

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