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Tim Horton coffee and writing an rpg scenario go hand and hand together.

  04:18 pm, by mana-junkie

Must Be Something In The Coffee

Last night after I got home from attending an awards banquet, I promptly sat down at the dining room table took a swig from my Tim Horton’s coffee and was contemplating life, the universe and everything.

Then it hit me… an idea based on a Kevin Smith movie would be the perfect setting for an adventure. Feverishly, I jotted down several plot devices to use throughout the session and next thing you know it was done.

06:40 am, by mana-junkie 17

Misadventures at Tim Horton's

Him: I'll have a large double double.
Girl [waiting in the line behind him]: What's a large double double?
Girl's friend: It's a coffee.
Girl: I never heard it called that before?
Guy [waiting in line behind the girls]: First time at a Tim Horton's right?
01:11 pm, by mana-junkie 1

It’s a Extra Large triple triple Tim Horton’s kinda day.

03:21 pm, by mana-junkie 2

Tuesday Knight

First,I went out and got some coffees. I figured it was time to turn in some of those RRROLL UP THE RIM Tim Horton free coffees! The Tim Horton’s down town are all out of Medium and X-Large contest cups. Just Smalls and Larges are left… so it’s only a matter of time before the contests ends.

Secondly, Dusted off Ultimate Rifts RPG and a few sourcebooks and jotted down some notes and trying to etch out a campaign idea. Going to be starting up in Canada at Ironheart and take it from there. I have three adventures that can be tied together to form a coherent campaign idea.

I rolled some random encounters from a chart I found and from there threw in some plot hooks and a common thread to tie it all together. Now I need to come up with a cool name for the campaign. That takes the longest for some odd reason!

07:24 pm, by mana-junkie

True Story Bro

I’ve been living in this town for over two decades, ever since I can remember I’ve been biking to Tim Horton’s and grabbing a coffee for me and Mrs and bike back. Over the years I take different routes spotting people sitting on the front porch and socializing as well.

There’s an old fellow just a few blocks away who sits on his deck with his morning paper, cigarette and a coffee by his side. I don’t know his name but he knows mine. A few years back he started yelling “Morning Timmy” and I wave back or say morning or hello. It wasn’t til this morning when he was out on the side walk walking his dog when he stopped me and asked me what what my name was it.

I replied and he said “Tim” your first name is Tim? I started called you Timmy because you always biked past here with a tray of Tim Horton’s coffee hence the nickname I gave you.

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