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Supernatural RPG, Supernatural Character Sheet and a Supernatural Coffee Mug.

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Jayson Morrow & Black McGrath: Two characters from my Supernatural Role Playing Game campaign I ran. One of my players, Shelby, drew them.

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There’s A Killer On The Road

A Supernatural Role Playing Game Event

Cast of Characters

  • Blake McGrath (Shelby)
  • Jayson Morrow (Peyton)
  • James Beadie Jr. (Darryl)

There’s a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin’ like a toad
Take a long holiday
Let your children play
If ya give this man a ride
Sweet memory will die
Killer on the road, yeah

The Doors - Riders on the Storm

Our adventure begins on the highway as our heroes are heading to Dover’s Town, Maine. A newspaper clipping about a cult have been killing people along the highway. Jayson behind the wheel, Blake sitting in shotgun seat and James taking a snooze in the backseat.

The Doors’ Riders on the Storm kicks in on an oldies radio station, as thunder rumbles off in the distance. Jayson and Blake are chatting about the stuff that’s been going on in their lives. Having heard from Sam and Dean that tell them it seems like open season on Hunters; since Harvelle’s burned down taking a slew of them, as well as three groups of Hunters have been ambushed and killed and weeks afterwards. Everyone has to be on the lookout. With this in mind, Jayson spots a hitchhiker on the road and bypasses him. A man in a suit with a trench-coat on.

They arrive in Dover’s Town (pop: 1230) late in the evening. The town looks like a ghost town as ours heroes cruise main drag. Nary an activity on the streets, as if the town had a curfew. They see lights from a gas station on and they pull in. Jayson sees that the tank is nearly empty so it’s time to fill up.  James wakes up from his slumber, while Blake decides to grab some munchies.

An old gas station attendant ambles out of the store and asks what they want and Jayson tells him to fill it up. James notices the old feller putting in a few sugar cubs into the tank and decides to get out and stretch some and stand by the ol fellow. Meanwhile; in the store, a young and pretty cashier stops and stares as Blake as he goes through the aisle picking up some grub. The cashiers eyes constantly on him.

The gas attendant makes small talk with James saying that it’s been a while since he had strangers come through town since the killings along the interstate turn off by the old elm tree right at the turn off. He’d be glad to see it over and done with. He says if they are planning on staying in town there is a few hotels/motels that could use the business as well.

Blake approaches the cashier, the cashier’s eyes never left him and she looks at him lovingly. The cashier tries to make small talk but Blake clams up some and as the cashier takes the money from Blake’s hand she gently caresses it. Blake waits for the change and the cashier hands it to him while caressing his hand once again. Blake takes his stuff in leaves, he does a quick glance at the cashier to find her sniffing the money that Blake gave her.

James notices the liquour store open and trots across the street. He grabs a bottle of the strongest proof alcohol he can find and picks it up. He runs back to the gas station and pours it into the tank. He figures that should dilute the sugar cubes in the gas. And our heroes take off.

Deciding on whether to get a room now or later, they decide to go to the interstate turn off to see this old elm tree as well. As they arrive they see two police cars parked on the side of the road with doors open and one police office standing over the bodies of two deputies who have sickles in their hands.

Our heroes pull the FBI card, saying they have been sent to investigate whats been happening in the area. Chief Wayne Stock is glad to have their services since when he approached he found his two deputies lying here and one of them had a sickle. A breeze picks up and the Chief yawns, he then starts to cough it seems he swallowed a bug. He explains to them he’s been tired since the rash of strange killings. He bends down and picks up the sickle, as the soon of sirens is heard once again.

Blake notices the Chief has changed since their arrival, the Chief has picked up a couple of acorns from the ground which seems to fallen from the elm tree. As the police cruise stops and two deputies get out and see the carnage the Chief approaches them and hands them acorns. He tells them they are good since he got them from the candy store. The deputies comply and that’s when things take a nasty turn.

The Chief and Deputies turn on the heroes and a huge gun battle breaks out. Bullets, axes and flares fly through the air with the greatest of ease, some hit their targets while others failed miserably. With the Chief and the two deputies down and out, the great elm tree seems to be the culprit.

After all it was a treant. An evil one at that! A bigger brawl takes place and our heroes fight like hell for encountering a huge powerful monstrosity. Blake gets raked really good by a branch though in the end our heroes finally take the beast down.

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Supernatural Glow

Last night’s adventure was a blast, having fun and watching two super fan’s of the show decipher clues as they are being put to the test. By setting up the scene and the watching the looks of the players faces when they arrive at Harvelle’s Roadhouse they knew what they were up against.

The bulk of the night was the big battle at the Roadhouse as players faced an onslaught of demons who came to raze the bar to the ground and to kill everyone inside of it. Though, the characters did put up one hell (no pun intended) of a fight. Managing, to barely escape with their lives. The players now know they are participating in events that are found in season 2 of the CW series and are looking forward to future adventures as they put pieces of the puzzle together.

It was a rompin’ stompin’ good session and everyone around the table had a blast. It’s one of those sessions where you just wanna roll the dice and slay as many critters out there!

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The Roadhouse

Yeah, keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel
Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel
Yeah, we’re goin’ to the Roadhouse
We’re gonna have a real
Good time.
The Doors - Roadhouse Blues

A Supernatural Tale

Cast of Characters:

  • Blake McGrath (Shelby)
  • Jayson Morrow (Peyton)
  • James Beadie Jr. (Darryl)

Derrek Pattermore, a fellow hunter, calls the team. He needs their help with something important and asks them to meet them at the Roadhouse so they can discuss it there. It’s several hours away and the lads hit the highways and byways crusin’ into the heartland of America.

They make it to Harvelle’s Roadhouse late in the day, they see a few vehicles parked about and enter inside. They also see a few hunters hanging about and doing some chit chat. Derrek is sitting in a corner booth and they approach and he asks them “So what’s the deal?”. The team realizes something amiss and that’s when a horde of demons assault the Roadhouse.

It is one hell of a big battle as our heroes battle alongside hunters to fend off the demonic strike team that has come to wage war with the hunters. Smashing bottles off skulls, getting hit with tables and chairs and being tossed around by a huge demonic creature is just part of the action that happens inside the roadhouse. As the bar catches on fire, a demon sharpshooter by the name of Oakley shoots up James pretty bad but then get’s taken out by the others.

Blake, Jayson & James break out through a window and make a mad scramble to the car. Once inside and on the road they realise they are being chased by two vehicles. A race along the highway with bullets flying and cars being forced off the road and exploding like a Michael Bay movie car.

With James badly hurt and Blake slightly wounded our heroes decide to hold up at an old friend, Randolf Masters. He’s an ol combat medic that lives close by and the team holds up there for several days as the wounds are healing and they figure out what’s going on.

Meanwhile, news reports of a meteorite that crashed near the town of Olive’s Mills. Our heroes decide to see what’s going on and make the journey, open arrival they discover the village is empty. Shops are open, tables in diners are set, even the television is left on and places as our heroes try to figure out where’d everyone go. Figuring everyone went to see the meteor impact they drive to the area and see the whole town standing around a huge circle holding hands. Figuring a weird ritual is being held, our heroes decide to interrupt it. And by doing so enrage the citizens of the town and all hell breaks loose.

Another big battle begins with the heroes stealing a dagger that is part of the ritual and taking off, but Jayson slips and tumbles to the ground and several villagers are on him like rabid dogs. Jayson breaks free and they make it to the car and flee taking out a few of the villagers who jumped on the vehicle. Blake takes one out with a shotgun blast (which is very messy indeed) and James stabs one with an arrow, as Jayson plows through those that are in the way.

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Evil Awaits - A Supernatural RPG Tale

So join me for a drink boys
We’re gonna make a big noise
So don’t worry about tomorrow
Take it today
Forget about the tip
We’ll get hell to pay.

AC/DC - Have A Drink On Me.

A brief synopsis of last night’s session

Cast of Characters:

  • Blake McGrath (Shelby)
  • Jayson Morrow (Peyton)
  • James Beadie Jr. (Darryl)

Our adventure begins with our hunters on the road heading to a small town named Leadsville. Having read a few articles on a massacre that killed 91 members of a commune located a few miles away from Leadsville. Having done research on the internet and discovering the commune was once an old logging camp situated along the Possum River, where 13 workers of the camp simply disappeared on cold June morning and were never to be seen again. The logging camp remained closed until years later is was bought by a land developer who turned it into a commune.

Now, 91 people are dead and 33 children have survived the massacre. Our heroes decide to dig deeper into the mystery and see what it’s all about. Our heroes browse the internet uncovering a demon named Elokk had slain those at the camp when questioned by authorities, and that the police had taken swords, dagger, a bowl and a book of some sorts into evidence as well. The case is closed.

Blake, Jayson and James decide to investigate the commune first prior to going into town. The road to the commune is closed and locked with a torn crime scene tape on it. So our hunters decide to park a few kilometers away and hike through the woods. The commune is empty and there is no movement. They decided to head down the hill to investigate when Jayson stumbles and tumbles down the hill. Jayson is okay, and the noise he made didn’t cause a stir from the camp.

They make it to the barn, which has been converted into a temple, and proceed to investigate the site of where the massacre took place. James is about to open a door when suddenly a huge beast burst through, it’s a carrion beast had been attracted to the smell of blood. A battle ensues and our hunters end up victorious. They enter the barn and snoop around some and uncovering a trap door that is locked on the outside. Jayson tries to pick it but botches and ends up breaking the pick in the lock, Blake using the ol’ shotgun not only blows the lock off but a part of the door as well.

They discover a trap on the door and Elokk emerges, free from his prison to wreak havoc once again. Blake get’s smacked around some and thrown into the barn wall. As the others pepper Elokk with bullets and a machete. With Elokk’s vessel badly damage he flees. This is when our hunters decide to go into town and do a little investigating and ask a few more questions and retrieve the items that where confiscated by the police.

Jayson and James pose as Agents Smith and Agent Wesson at the police department. Chatting with the detective in charge of the case and getting the items as well. Blake goes to the Orphanage where the children are kept to see what information she can get from the witnesses. He poses as Agent Johnson. He is taken to chat with Daryl who had drawn a picture of Elokk and notices in his room that he has scribbled pictures on the walls and floor of what happened at the camp and what is about to happen. Blake takes the last picture Daryl drew showing a whisp of smoke entering into a police man’s body.

Once the hunters regroup they discover the silver weapons is what is needed to destroy Elokk. As they come up with a plan of action a police car arrives and Bartlett introduces himself to the federal agents. Scolding them for not making there presence known to him. Though, he has reports of activity had happened at the camp and would lead the hunters there as well.

Once at the camp, Bartlett parks his car and steps out and approaches the hunters as the pull up and ends up firing his revolving. Blake gets hit with a bullet, and it’s show time once again. Elokk makes his presence know in the body of Bartlett and he is ticked off at the hunters for ruining his other vessel. A big battle happens and finally Elokk is dealt with, forever banished from this world.

Our heroes decide to leave the area, leaving Bartlett’s badge and gun on the car seat, presuming that the others think that he has committed suicide in the river.

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Supernatural Role Playing Game. Using the d20 GM Screen since there is none for Supernatural RPG.

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