Spycraft of Interest

Okay now, for the past two days I hammered out a dozen adventure ideas of my “Person of Interest” Spycraft campaign idea. Watching several of the episodes and mining some ideas from there as well and changing it up some.

Basically, a small operations kind of thing with an reclusive billionaire trying to do right in the world by “hiring” the player (or players) to go about and fighting crime. A sort of Person of Interest meets Arrow and Birds of Prey feeling is what I have hoped to invoke while running it.

Person of Interest - A Perfect Setting For An RPG

Last night an idea hit me while watching Person of Interest and figured it would work well as a Spycraft Role Playing Game setting. A reclusive billionaire who gathers ex special forces, cia operatives and hackers into a group and sending them out on missions.

As deemed by an AI “The Machine” which gives them a number.

I was thinking of what system to use for it either Palladium Books’ Recon Modern Combat (besides they have a gazillion source books one can mine for good stuff as well). Then it dawned upon me that Spycraft would be even better to use since, if I will be using Palladium Books I might be tempted to through in some supernatural weird stuff into the setting (and I don’t want that at all).

Other than the AI and then the standard operation of the series and building up a few story arcs as well.

Mack Bolan decided to pop by for a coffee this snowy morning. Maybe we show discuss #topsecret or #spycraft?

Mack Bolan decided to pop by for a coffee this snowy morning. Maybe we show discuss #topsecret or #spycraft?


Okay, I think I hammered out a rather good scenario for Spycraft, after watching several James Bond flicks and reading The Executioner book series and I’m itching to run. An evil genius, his minions, two underground lairs and a globe trottin’ highlights as the players put the pieces of the puzzle together.

SpyCraft & Coffee

SpyCraft & Coffee


After watching the Pierce Brosnan turn as 007 in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day it got me in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned spy vs spy role playing game.

I could use Victory Games Inc very own James Bond 007 rpg or just go with the classic TSR’s Top Secret or update it with Spycraft by AEG. Well, whatever I decide to use I plan on running a series of over the top espionage!

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