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Crate o’ games

Crate o’ games

Apr 3

Edge Role Playing Game?

Stopped off at the Wizard’s Tower in Barrhaven, On on the way home from Ottawa. Saw this on the shelf at a discount and figure I just had to pick it up.

An Idea For Hellcats & Hockeysticks RPG

Discovered a note I wrote up for Hellcats & Hockeysticks Role Playing Game.

hellcats and hockeysticks attack of the gray_0001

The Blood of Heroes

RPG of the Week: The Blood of Heroes: Special Edition (Pulsar Games 2000)


From the publisher “Special Edition is the latest edition of our Blood of Heroes Superhero and Villain roleplaying game, combining Blood of Heroes: First Edition with the additional rules presented in The Sidekick Sourcebook, plus further rules never seen before this publication.

The Blood of Heroes is a superhero and supervillain roleplaying game that uses the exponential gaming system created by Mayfair Games (sometimes called MEGS Designed for Mayfair’s DC Heroes Roleplaying Game, the system is ideal for playing supers at any power level.

For the impatient, our quickstart section will help you start playing the same night you pick up the book. Over one hundred illustrated characters also populate the rulebook, ranging from powerful to obscenely powerful, forming a universe that can form the basis of many campaigns. (Those looking for characters with less muscle may wish to explore The Sidekick Sourcebook, which has little to do with sidekicks, but contains dozens of mid-level heroes that share this universe.)

For the less impatient, character creation is fast and easy. The point-based system will also help a team balance itself, so that no member overshadows the rest of the group. And, as a side-effect of the simplicity, the system is flexible enough to design nearly any character imaginable. “.

Spycraft of Interest

Okay now, for the past two days I hammered out a dozen adventure ideas of my “Person of Interest” Spycraft campaign idea. Watching several of the episodes and mining some ideas from there as well and changing it up some.

Basically, a small operations kind of thing with an reclusive billionaire trying to do right in the world by “hiring” the player (or players) to go about and fighting crime. A sort of Person of Interest meets Arrow and Birds of Prey feeling is what I have hoped to invoke while running it.

Person of Interest - A Perfect Setting For An RPG

Last night an idea hit me while watching Person of Interest and figured it would work well as a Spycraft Role Playing Game setting. A reclusive billionaire who gathers ex special forces, cia operatives and hackers into a group and sending them out on missions.

As deemed by an AI “The Machine” which gives them a number.

I was thinking of what system to use for it either Palladium Books’ Recon Modern Combat (besides they have a gazillion source books one can mine for good stuff as well). Then it dawned upon me that Spycraft would be even better to use since, if I will be using Palladium Books I might be tempted to through in some supernatural weird stuff into the setting (and I don’t want that at all).

Other than the AI and then the standard operation of the series and building up a few story arcs as well.

The Gangs of Port City of Seaheaven Bay - A DragonQuest Adventure

Cast of Characters:
Ellynn Synn, A Shapechanger (Liz)
Meryshynia Willows, Elf Ranger (NPC)

A few days have passed since “A Frosty Night” and Ellynn has been enjoying her stay in the city. She had basically shopped, picked up several books to bring back home with her.

It’s her last day in the city before heading back via coach to her humble abode and she decides to make another stop at Hobble’s Books to see if any new arrivals have come in. Along the way there a group of street urchins run past her, though one of them has grabbed her change purse and she takes off after them down an alley.

They seem to have disappeared, using her shapechanger senses she has picked up their scent and follows it to a sewer grating, she thinks about getting Meryshynia but feels that she can handle the kids on her own and goes down the sewer.

Once in the sewer, she decides to change into wolf form to better track the urchins. Though, she does encounter some large rats who are looking for something to much on. She battles them in wolf form and deals with the situation quickly, while tracking the urchins to their lair. She changes back to human form, goes up the rungs to street level which opens in an orphanage courtyard, there she finds the kids who have robbed her. In a non-threatening matter she asks for her coins back, Brogan, plays dumb. Brogan is the leader of the gang and says they haven’t left the compound at all that day.

Ellynn tells them she doesn’t care about the other stuff they stole just her purse that is all, Brogan tells her that if they have it and give it back then she will not tell the city watch on them. Ellynn agrees. Brogan hands her the purse and she makes her merry way out of the Orphanage.

DragonQuest Encounters 1

She’s making her way along the streets and comes into a courtyard again, as she does she gets in the middle of a gang fight as two huge gangs confront each other in the square. Ellynn is mistaken by both gangs of belong to the other and is drawn into the scuffle as well. Blades are drawn and fighting begins.

Ellynn takes a few hits but manages to take a couple of members of each gang in the process. When she is about to take a sword to the back an arrow takes down the back stabber, Ellynn sees Meryshynia up on the rooftop of a building. She begins peppering the area with arrows clearing a path for Ellynn to escape.

The pair meet in an alleyway and Ellynn thanks Meryshynia for the help. They stop in an herbalist where Meryshynia gets some ingredients to tend to Ellynn’s wounds at a park. Ellynn thanks Meryshynia once again and they head to the book store.

Inside the book store, the owner is being shaken down by thugs who want coins for “security” making sure that all these lovely novels don’t go up in smoke. Ellynn having had enough with gangs and thieves decide to show these three enforcers who they are dealing with. Her and Meryshynia wait for the trio to leave the store before kicking the snot out of each of them, hurting two very badly and letting the third one off with a warning stating to leave the area or else their be hells to pay.

They enter the shop and Ellynn picks up several novels and they make their way back to the inn they where staying at. Having spent her last day in the city, she is glad to be going home in the morning.

Fade to Black

Rewriting A Scenario

Got up this morning with an inkling of an idea for my Little Fears Role Playing Game scenario for Cangames 2014. It’s basically the same idea but a tweak in the direction I want to go with it, and it’s all thanks to the TV series Criminal Minds for it.

Let’s face the facts Criminal Minds is pure horror, it’s all about monsters and the hunters that hunt them add a supernatural element to it and you got yourself a bona fide tale of Closetand.

That’s it for the rewrites since I’m satisfied with what is written and can’t wait to give it spin at the table to see what unfolds now. It’s all in the dice now, to see whether characters will live or NOT.

*puts a pinky finger to the lips*
Muhahahahahahahahahahha! Muhahahahahahaha!

The Zandir Swordsman by kypsilon

The Zandir Swordsman by kypsilon

Dhuna - Talislanta by NathanRosario

Dhuna - Talislanta by NathanRosario

Kang with Strider - Talislanta by NathanRosario

Kang with Strider - Talislanta by NathanRosario

Dead In Fifteen Minutes

Was digging through some old character sheets of mine, while I stumbled upon Turik. It was from 87-88 and he didn’t last too long. He was a fighter-type character I created for a game. The first session was a character creation one, the game master explained the rules and his world. Discussed the mechanics and then we did a few sample combat to understand the flow of the mechanics better so that the next session we be off and running.

Within the first 15 minutes of it my character, Turik, was dead.

From the notes that I had written:

Our adventure begins in a tavern, Turik is sitting at a corner booth, sipping an ale and looking around at the crowd. He had seen a wanted sign for a warrior needed and had applied, he is to meet his contact at The Inn of The Red Red Rose.

Melody Merrymake enters the bar, glances around and then disappears up a flight of stairs. Though, Turik doesn’t know here from Adam she is a beautiful half-elf character. Moments later she comes down the stairs and heads outside just as Ambrose enters.

Ambrose, a priest, enters the establishment and looks nervously around, he doesn’t seem to be comfortable in his surroundings. As he makes his way through the bar, a small halfling bumps into him. Turik sees this and spots the halfling picks the priests pocket. Turik being the good Samaritan he is decides to go up and intercepts the halfling.

Turik taps the halfling on the shoulder and when the halfling turns around, Turik gives him a punch to the head. The halfling goes down on one punch but then the halflings associates step in and well there is some fisticuffs a brewing. The battle is basically hand to hand, until…

One of the halflings friend draws a sword and strikes scoring a critical hit and then his blade slices through Turik. Turik is down and Melody Merrymake enters the establishment. She sees the commotion and decides to turn around and wait outside till things settle.

Ambrose is at the bar and he sees the commotion as well and doesn’t do anything.

GM: You see this fellow bleeding out on the floor, if no one tends to his wounds he will definitely die.

Ambrose: Well that serves him right for starting a fight.

GM: He was trying to retrieve your stolen coins.

Ambrose: My player doesn’t know that…

Turik bleeds out and his life perishes.

The GM offered to reboot my character into the game. I told him don’t worry about it since I had other things to do in the afternoon and that they should continue on their merry way.

I left the table, nonplussed.