The Tribulations of Scabby Jack

An Abney Park’s Airship Pirates tale

Cast of Characters:

Grace Shepherd, MD a Neovictorian Doctor (Nevion)
Dalton Rivers, a Skyfolk Mercenary (Derek)
Jyhn Lynx Adirondack, a Neobedouin Gadgeteer (Darryl)
Quincy 18, a Neovictorian Automaton (Peyton)

The Tigerfish Class Ship,  Tatterdemalion.  Capt. “Mad” Max Cube is trying to out run to Barracuda class ships. Capt. Cube calls for the Mercenary Dalton Rivers to the bridge. He hands him an item that needs to be delivered to High Tortuga, to a fellow named Kempton Keep.

"Take the Guppy, she’s yours now and assemble others to assist you on this matter," Mad Max tells Dalton.  "Once we hit those clouds, disembark and "The Tatterdemalion" will make sure those bastards don’t see you."

As he makes his way to the Guppy ship, explosions and flak light the night sky. He nabs Grace, who is tending to a wounded crew, telling her it’s an emergency and he’s been charged with an important mission. As they get to the Guppy. Jyhn Lynx and Quincy 18 are there making sure the ship is moored properly. Dalton tells them that they are to head to High Tortuga on a special assignment from Max.

They board the guppy ship and then in the cover of the clouds, they disembark and The Tatterdemalion lights the cloud with a colour of lights! And then they hear the sound of tearing and a blinding flash of light and the ship is gone.  

The Guppy class ship manages to get away without incident.

They sail to High Tortuga and dock, they deliver the item to Kempton Keep, a Neovictorian Inventor, who thanks them from the bottom of the  heart.

While the crew is in High Tortuga they decide to get a breakfast while waiting for word of the Tatterdemalion. they see “The Breezy Bolt-Hole” and head inside for some breakfast. Inside, other than the bartender there is one customer sitting at the counter. He glances up as our heroes enter the establishment and then goes back to drinking his Java.

The bartender is one Jose “Big Hands” Beaney who greets the party and offers them the breakfast special. The party orders and wait for breakfast and discuss the fate of The Tatterdemalion.

The party notices the fellow at the bar staring at the party, especially at Quincy and when he sees them catching his eye he diverts his attention elsewhere. They are about to go over and talk to him when the door to the place opens up and a young lad enters. He sees the party and approaches them.

"Fair winds to thee, I bring a message from Scabby Jack…" the young lad tells the party. The messenger is Kingston Lipp and he tells the group that he had been sent to escort you to Scabby’s manor since he has a business proposition for them.

Kingston informs them that Scabby Jack knows all and sees all, especially who comes and goes in this area of town and has eyes all over the place. The party agrees to follow the lad, and say goodbye to the bartender. The other patron who was watching them earlier had gotten up and left when Kingston arrived.

Quincy gets a flash of memory of her and Capt. Cube talking about something, but then it’s gone.

Kingston leads the party through a maze of alleyways and doss-houses and into the another ring where the wealthier inhabitants of the city live. Quincy and others notice the fellow from the Breezy Bolt-Hold has been following at a distance to see where they go.

As they approach Scabby Jack’s manor, Grace alerts the sentries at Scabby Jack’s that they are being followed and to keep on guard. Once inside the manor they are brought to the den and they take a seat and Scabby Jack gets down to why he had called the heroes to his home.

He wants them to rescue his son whose been kidnapped by brigands and are holding him for ransom. He doesn’t want to pay the helios and the goods they kidnappers demand. Instead he will pay the party to go in and rescue his son.

The party agrees to do so, since they have a small ship and figure the kidnappers will be expecting a huge ship instead of a wee guppy class ship. Scabby Jack gives them some helios up front as an incentive and send the heroes off on their way.

As Grace, Dalton, Jyhn Lynx and Quincy 18 are heading back to the docks to their ship. They are ambushed in the alleyway by the patron at the bar and a few other thugs. They demand they hand over the automaton without incident since the thugs outnumber the party by 2 to one.

Quincy gets a flash in her fragmented memory of Capt. Cube showing her a map, though the map is fuzzy and unclear at the moment.

Before any decision can be made, Grace decides to fire off her revolver. And before you know it combat is engaged! In a small alleyway our heroes engage the thugs in an all out fight. Bullets fly as well as knuckle dusters as well. In the end the lead thug goes down in a blaze of glory and the other thugs who are still standing fade into the shadows as quickly as possible.

After a quick search of the fallen thugs, our heroes make their way to their ship and proceed to head to the location where Scabby Jack’s son is located.

Now, I won’t go into details of what happened once the players arrived at the destination since it’s the introductory tale in the main rule book and I won’t spoil it for, just say that the guppy ship arrived at the destination. It was quite a surprise for both sides!

In the end the party rescued Scabby Jack’s son and returned him, though they nearly did so at a high cost!

On Saturday I Did Game

With four players sitting around the table, I had put the players through the introductory adventure from the Airship Pirates core rule book. It was nice to see the game mechanics in play, it was both a learning experience for not only for my players but for me as well.

I wasn’t too sure about the combat and how to resolve damage but went with my gut instinct and it worked well. I think I will make this a house rule for me the way the successes will add dice to the damage pool.

The session seemed to go by pretty fast and it was a hoot and a holler. And nothing beats the feeling of having a ton of d6’s rolling on the table was a satisfying sound that’s for damn sure.

Elf Rogue by artbytravis

A Change In Plans

Last night was suppose to be the first session of Airship Pirates but due to unforeseen circumstances in real life it didn’t happen. As they say in the movies “that’s life.”

I had the game set up to run, but since that wasn’t going to happen, since two players had to create players and then decide on a Schtick for the character.

So, basically with the numbers around the table I ended up running a quick & dirty Rifts scenario (will blog that session in a bit).

Rifts of Tomorrow

Let’s just say that I was inspired by the movie “Edge of Tomorrow”.

After watching this movie, I felt a surge of inspiration for a scenario idea. Borrowing heavy from this movie, as I sat with pen, putting down on paper several ideas and a main plot to thread them together with. Let’s just say I am not going with the same day over and over schtick. Just the basic premise of the movie: an alien invasion and a small group of heavily armed warriors trying to hold these beasts at bay.

It got me thinking of the Xiticix from Rifts and then an idea began to form in my head and I sort of went with it. While feverishly writing down and drawing up a map of an abandoned settlement, one of my kids wanted to know what was I doing. Was I writing up something for this weekends game? I said no… just an idea that I’m working on at the moment and she wanted to know more.

On that note we generated a quick character and the quick & dirty adventure session was underway.


Okay, so last night I had this crazy dream about werewolves battling aliens on a ghost space ship. So this morning I put pen to paper and designed an derelict spaceship that just happens to have a few xenomorphs nesting in it.

I thought Hounds of G.O.D would be a perfect since it deals with the dark future, werewolves and space travel I figured I’d make it a convention scenario! So you have Aliens and Underworld combined in a free for all in space.

For me it’s a win-win!

jim pinto of Post World Games asked for my input for a game and I kindly obliged. Just offering a few tidbits here and there on this one.

Last Night Was A Fiasco

After a long day of hanging around the Lombardy Fair yesterday; seeing the sites, playing a fixed carnie game (or two), listening to some bands perform in the Park and breaking my diet with some fair ground foods, I wasn’t expected to do some gaming last night since three players were engaged in other activities.

Imagine my surprise when an old player shows up at the door for a visit and before you know it we were talking about role playing game and a new rpg he had picked up and been wanting to play: Fiasco.

Fiasco is a Storytelling Game of Powerful Ambition and Poor Impulse Control. Basically, a Coen Brothers movie for table top role playing. It was a fun night of mirth and mayhem.

Tonight is a Fiasco night

Tonight is a Fiasco night

You Got Sci-Fi in My Fantasy. You Got Fantasy in My Sci-Fi!

Someone asked a question about having sci-fi in their fantasy game.

It depends on what kind of story I want to tell. I ran an AD&D campaign for three years without a hint of sci-fi in it at all, until the one day during a big battle when the characters where up an invading horde of demonic beasts, as I was describing gates opening up and several demons emerge to do battle with our illustrious heroes, a few of the players where checking inventory to see what items they had and then out of the blue one of the players just blurted out “Computer, end program.”

and that’s when I went with it and told them as they demons disappeared as well as the room, they were all standing in a room equipped with a hologrid containing omnidirectional holographic diodes, enabling holographic projections through the manipulation of photons contained within force fields.

It seems the characters where just that characters in a holodeck adventure on board a starship. Talk about mind blown!!! That was one way to END a campaign. ;)

Blade Running

Each time I run Cyberpunk, or a Shadowrun, or Corporation, Dark Conspiracy or any kind of dark future role playing game I try to emulate the film noir style of Blade Runner.

A movie that is beautiful retro in a futuristic society. A crowded city yet the characters feel alone in the crowd. Where colours splash every where but it stills feel like shades of black & white.

It’s a tough thing to accomplish with some players, but with the perfect players that are in the mood as well, it makes the sessions more memorable and have them talking about an incident even decades down the road. And that puts a smile on my face knowing that a player or two (or three) continues to talk about a session that continues to resurface in their minds.


After a three week hiatus the Saturday gaming group got together today and we continued on with the WFRP campaign, after three homebrewed adventures I have finally brought the characters into The Oldenhaller Contract!

I will blog about this adventure in another post.

Had a new “old” player at the table, Chance, decided to grace us with his presence this evening and it was quite a hoot of an adventure.

Though, it is with a heavy heart that I will be losing one (more like two) players in February due to life changes happening. Be they promised to continue gaming til then.