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On The Wings of Hope

An Abney Park’s Airship Pirates tale

Cast of Characters:
Grace Shepherd, MD, a Neovictorion Doctor (Nevion)
Dalton Rivers, a Skyfolk Mercenary (Derek)
Quincy 18, a Neovictorian Automaton (Peyton)
Jhyn Lynx Adirondack, a Neobedouin Gadgeteer (Darryl) away

Our adventure begins back on Skyloft city of High Tortuga. Our heroes had rescued Scabby Jack’s son and having been rewarded they go about getting supplies and other items for their ship.  

While in the busy market square browsing about the various shops and stalls and picking up a few items here and there. A urchin runs through the crowd and bumps into Quincy 18. The urchin, Scottie is part of a group of pick pockets, had realized he bumped into an Automaton and regrets it since she knew he took something from her. He immediately hands back her purse and apologizing for doing so.

Quincy lets the young lad scamper off and the group continues to spend a little of the Helios on personal items. As Grace, Dalton and Quincy discuss what their next course of action is. They are approached by an elderly Neovictorian woman who introduces herself as Helga. She has heard of their exploits of rescuing Scabby Jack’s son and would like to hire them to see if they can find her daughter, Cyndi Hendershott.

Cyndi is part of a exploration team that goes down to the ruins on the land to see if they can salvage items to bring back to either use or sell. The Wings of Hope is the name of the ship that she is on and they where heading too some ruins a few days south. Helga is desperate to find her daughter since it’s been several days since they had disembarked and haven’t returned. She offers the gang 100 Helios  for the task.

Our heroes mull it over and think it’s a good idea. Since the small ship Cyndi is on has other crew and they might be inclined to receive more bounty from the search and rescue.  They stop in the Cock & Bull pub for a pint to celebrate the deal. Helga gives the party 50 Helios upfront, simply on trust and they will get the rest upon return.


Grace, Dalton and Quincy head back to the wharf and pick up a few other items; food and some spare blankets and whatnot. As they load their gear, Quincy notices a fellow at the far end of the dock jotting down into a small notebook after watching him. This fellow sees that they spot him and he just goes about his merry way.

Our heroes disembark from High Tortuga once again, and this time they spot another ship leaving as well: The Iron Elk. The ship is basically following the same flight path our heroes are on.  The gang decides to keep tabs on the other ship to see if it follows them to where they are going.

While flying through the mountains they hit some turbulence, from a Turbulence Cannon. Dalton manages to ride the beam while the Iron Elk caught in the wake, and the gas-bag erupts causing a huge tear meaning their ship is going down.

Quincy realizes that the turbulence is caused by a device known as the turbulence cannon, and used by pirates and warlords to take down other ships that happen to pass to close to it. Grace, Dalton and Quincy discuss their options.

Should they continue to the ruins to find Cyndi, or do they go and see if they should help the Iron Elk in their predicament. Realizing that it’s a turbulence cannon means that their a pirate cove is nearby and they could be after the salvage. Dalton, being the captain of the airship, decides they should go down and see what they can do.

Dalton banks around and prepares to get closer to the ground. Breaking through the clouds they can see that the ship has crashed amongst the ruins of a small town. As they prepare to land, they also see the crash of another ship off to the woods as well.

Dalton lands the ship close to the Iron Elk to see three bodies of crew men lying amongst the ruins and one lone survivor tossing something into the Iron Elk and then running to an old stone building. Dalton, Grace and Quincy decide to trail the lone survivor while Jynx stays on board.

The Iron Elk survivor fled to a building, Dalton scans the inside from the door of the abandoned building to see that it’s been claimed by mother nature. He sees that there is one set of footprints that run across the foyer, but also the set of many other tracks.

Grace scans over the floor and realizes that instead of multiple animal tracks it’s one giant insect tract; a giant spider to be exact! Our heroes opt out of going into the building but go around to see if the survivor had run through the building. As they go around, Quincy sees that the survivor is stuck on a gigantic web. Dalton decides to question him.

The survivor, Jack “The Big Nose” Ellentry, says he was he and the crew were hired to follow our heroes and keep tabs on what they do. And to retrieve the property of Boss “Mojo” Molejolly, a criminal warlord. When asked about the property. Jack says the Automaton Quincy!

Quincy has no recollection of being owned by Boss Mojo, her memory banks have no recollection. So Dalton, Grace and Quincy  to leave Jack to his fate of being spider bait.

They walk over the wreck of the Iron Elk and see what they can savage, and they discovered what Jack had tossed into the Iron Elk. A clockwork bomb that is ticking down! Dalton grabs the device and chucks it all his might away from the group.

the bomb lands inside the foyer of the house they where in and it explodes! Killing not only Jack but also the giant spider that resided inside the building. Our heroes see a Neobedoudin gang coming down from the hills, and will be there within 10 minutes.

Our heroes grab the loot they can salvage from the Iron Elk before taking off in their ship to the heavens. Being pursued by long range weapons, they are out of harm’s way in no time.

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On Saturday I Did Game

With four players sitting around the table, I had put the players through the introductory adventure from the Airship Pirates core rule book. It was nice to see the game mechanics in play, it was both a learning experience for not only for my players but for me as well.

I wasn’t too sure about the combat and how to resolve damage but went with my gut instinct and it worked well. I think I will make this a house rule for me the way the successes will add dice to the damage pool.

The session seemed to go by pretty fast and it was a hoot and a holler. And nothing beats the feeling of having a ton of d6’s rolling on the table was a satisfying sound that’s for damn sure.

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Rifts of Tomorrow

Let’s just say that I was inspired by the movie “Edge of Tomorrow”.

After watching this movie, I felt a surge of inspiration for a scenario idea. Borrowing heavy from this movie, as I sat with pen, putting down on paper several ideas and a main plot to thread them together with. Let’s just say I am not going with the same day over and over schtick. Just the basic premise of the movie: an alien invasion and a small group of heavily armed warriors trying to hold these beasts at bay.

It got me thinking of the Xiticix from Rifts and then an idea began to form in my head and I sort of went with it. While feverishly writing down and drawing up a map of an abandoned settlement, one of my kids wanted to know what was I doing. Was I writing up something for this weekends game? I said no… just an idea that I’m working on at the moment and she wanted to know more.

On that note we generated a quick character and the quick & dirty adventure session was underway.

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The Canuck Kerfuffle

When I saw the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road and it got me thinking of Mutant Bikers of the Atomic Wasteland for some odd reason. The free rpg game rules can be found somewhere on the intrawebs. The Canuck Kerfuffle is just more silliness to add to the campaign with several adventure ideas which could be woven together to form a campaign.

I plan on using this game in between campaigns for a one-shot (or two) session(s).


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A belated birthday present arrived this morning. Underneath the Lamplight, the Neovictorian Source Book for Abney Park’s Airship Pirates Role Playing Game!

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Night of the Cougar

Atlantis: The Second Age (Omni Edition)

Cast of Characters:
Glade Everwhen, an Erian Tribeswoman raised in Atlantis (Liz)

A session where a character is rolled up and designed to the players taste and a little back story and a sample of game mechanics in play as well as combat.

Glade was born in the City of Atlantis, the daughter of a slave who served in a merchants house. Glade was raised as a servant (and friend) to the merchant’s daughter, Echo Uno.

Glade’s mother, Amber Everwhen, was bought in the market by Hector Uno this was 17 years ago. Hector learned that Amber was with child and still he kept the slave, Glade was born in the Uno Household around the same time that Echo was born.

Growing up in the City of Atlantis, Glade, learned the urban life, she was taught and educated along side of Echo. Glade also was taught to be by the Uno’s head guard in the art of fighting as well, so that she would be the perfect companion for Echo if trouble should ever occur.

Our adventure begins one morning as Echo and Glade are wandering through a market square looking at vendors and other wares when Glade spots they are being followed by an scruffy looking fellow. They loose him in the crowd and proceed to go about their business.

They return back to the Uno household for the evening. As they go about the house they can hear Hector Uno arguing with a gallant looking fellow, the gentleman leaves in a huff. Hector straightens his composure and greets the girls. Echo inquires what’s that about and Hector assures her it is nothing.

Atlantis Household

It’s late in the evening and Glade is in her room, when she hears something in the colonnaded garden that is just outside her doors. She peers out to see three figures scaling the wall and are moving silently through the garden with weapons drawn. They signal each other to move about the domicile, Glade decides to put her training to the test and using Non-Lethal Force surprises the first culprit.

She takes him out in a few short maneuvers and then proceed to track and find the second intruder and engage him in combat as well. This fight is a brutal one as they are in the kitchen area and fighting with anything at hand, though the noise does seem to wake the household.

Glade takes down the second intruder, though she receives a few knife slashes as the sentries arrive. She tells them that there are three of them and two of them are down and so they do a search of the house and the third one had fled out a window.

Hector scolds Glade for not alerting the house to the intruders, though he can understand why she did what she did and is glad that she was skilled in the art of battle.

Hector orders the guards to patrol through the compound throughout the night as he goes to his study, and then calls for the guard. Glade rushes into the room as well to see on the wall someone had drawn what looked like the face of a cougar on the wall…

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Star Wars Role Playing Game (WOTC First Edition)

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A Frosty Night - A DragonQuest Tale

Cast of Characters:
Ellynn Synn, A Shapechanger (Liz)
Meryshynia Willows, Elf Ranger

On the way to Port City of Seahaven Bay the coachman warns travellers heading the direction the came of a band of Gnolls in the area.

Billy is feeling better, his mother Allison is grateful to Meryshynia. Though, the elf is riding topside with the coachman. Keeping an eye on the roads and territory. Ellynn is also on alert as well, keeping her eyes peeled on the woods beyond the road for any sign of movement or activity.

Once they break from the forest and into the fields, the coachman eases up some. They spot a farm where several horses have gathered, and spotting the colours of the road wardens. The coachman decides to stop and alert the road wardens. They just so happen to be at a farm investigating the disappearance of cattle. A farmer on the outskirts of the city, has several cows missing from his herd. He doesn’t know where they went too and figures that some other farmer has “claimed” them like before.

Maybe these two have connection?

The coach line makes it to the city just as the main gates have closed for the evening, the coach pulls into an inn in the town outside the gates The Frost Giant’s Friend Inn is open for business. The coachman tends to the horses, also seeing to arrangements for the other dead stagehand.

Dragonquest Inn _0001

They get a room in the Inn, a small bunk room for coach and riders who get caught outside the city gates prior to closing for the evening. As the guests get settled for the evening, Ellynn decides to take a walk about town, to stretch her legs and have a look around some before the shops close.

Outside of a small cafe, Ellynn sees that she’s being followed by a fellow. She heads back to the inn, just before she enters the fellow attacks. With swords in hand he goes in for the kill, slashing away at her and calling her a “witch”. Ellynn is dealing with a puritan survivor whose out for blood. He strikes with fury and vengeance and his strikes are true, cutting deep into Ellynn. She breaks free and staggers into the inn.

Bleeding she falls between some tables, as her attacker runs in and wants to finish the job just as Meryshynia steps from the back room to witness the hunter approaching Ellynn as the rest of the patrons in the tavern look on in horror.

The last thing Ellynn sees before she passes out from blood loss is Meryshynia charging forward.

Ellynn awakes in her room, to see Meryshynia sitting by her bedside. Ellynn has been sleeping for a few days now. She’s been at the Frost Giant’s Friend Inn now for five full days and she feels fresh. It’s simply because Meryshynia has been tending to her wounds with herbs, plants and the like. Meryshynia tells her that her attacker will not be bothering with her again.

Though the Sheriff would like to ask a few questions as well, he’s been popping by for the past few days now inquiring about Ellynn’s health. Ellynn get’s dressed in new clothes, Meryshynia have dispatched with the other bloodied ones.

Ellynn is hungry and they go downstairs for breakfast, the innkeeper is glad to see her up and about, and see that she has recovered nicely. Ellynn eats heartily as the Sheriff enters, he sits down and asks her a few questions and she answers them stating she doesn’t know her attacker, why he would attack in the first place. She lied of course. The Sheriff satisfied with her answers tells her she’s on her merry way.

The coach had long entered the city with Billy and his mother, Meryshynia stayed behind to look after Ellynn. Ellynn is thankful for that, and the two friends head into the city.

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Worlds Beyond: Marine III World Profile

Another world designed for Worlds Beyond RPG.

Marine III: Is a water world with ice caps and two small land masses. It has three underwater cities; Nemo, Nautalis and Verne City. Marine III is also known for the Spaceport which being tended to the Lucci, (A starfish race of people) who live on the Marine and cannot leave the water world or else they perish within a weeks time. Other races presume it’s due to the chemical of the water, and there is no way it can be brought or used as a breathing apparatus for the Lucci.

The longest a Lucci has survived off world with such a device is 8 weeks.

Worlds Beyond - Marine III World Map

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Worlds Beyond: Thale World Profile

Here’s one of the worlds I designed for Worlds Beyond circa 1989-90. There was a hook here to get the players intrigued in the mystery of what happened to the original colony.

Thale: A colony world settled by “Captain” Jonn Thale 101 years ago. He wanted to start a puritan world free from the shackles of modern technology and to live off the land as the gods had intended it to be. It was three years later that a second ship stopped to drop off one of the relatives of the first group to discover the original colony had disappeared.

There were no trace of the 3,000+ humans who had followed Thale to this world. Though, over the years Thale has been populated much due to the rich agricultural soil and the old, ruins of a civilization that once flourished 10,000+ ago. This serves as a tourist attraction to those willing to explore the ruins and speculate on the fate of the original colony.

Worlds Beyond - Thale World Map

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RPG Of The Week - SpaceMaster: Privaters (by Irown Crown Enterprises 2000) is the second incarnation of Iron Crown Enterprise’s Spacemaster game. Containing all the rules required to play and extended by a range of support products supplied both in physical copies, and increasingly by PDF documents.

Spacemaster is a highly detailed science fiction role playing game, the system is very similar to ICE’s Role Master system. Included as a part of the main books is also a setting, which breaks tradition with other ICE releases. The Privateers universe is conflict filled and ever expanding.

This rules book contains everything required to play, from Character Creation, skill use and combat rules through to plenty of equipment, psionics and a rich space opera backdrop.

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