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Warren of Trouble (Part 2) - A D&D 3.0 Adventure

Cast of Characters:
Roywyn Turen, a gnome ranger (f) (Dave)
Jayce Jaded, halfling wizard (Taylor) - Away
Jace, a human cleric (Nick)
Markis Gramm, human fighter (NPC)
Darries Redleaf, elf fighter (NPC)

When Roywyn and Jayce return to The Hammer & The Forge Coach House, they go about recruiting others to help them. Roywyn approaches Markis and Darries and puts forth the scenario to them and they agree to help.

Jayce approaches Jace and asks if he is interested in coming with them. Jace says he’ll think it over if they have a beer and Jayce agrees. Jace signals the serving wench over and orders two tankards of the finest ale this establishment has to offer. As the waitress plops down the ale at the table, Jace slips something into Jayce’s drink and they have a toast or two. Jayce signals Roywyn over, and Roywyn brings her two new friends over to the table so they can work out a plan of action.

It’s not long afterwards that Jayce isn’t feeling to good at all and retires to his room to rest.

It’s dawn of a new day and the gang is gathering in the pre-dawn to prepare to go to the warren in broad daylight, knowing that goblins do not perfer to be out in the sun. Jayce is violently ill and will not be able to join with them on this quest.

Roywyn, Jace, Markis and Darries head out. Roywyn leading the way to the warren.

They arrive in good time and approach the entrance, with no sentry on duty but as they approach the cave they can hear the sound of snarling coming from inside and a goblins arguing with each other over something trivial. The party enters, and from this point on it’s a dungeon crawl as our heroes explore, fight and discover kidnapping, conspiracy and a dark and dangerous “god”.

warren of trouble 2a

Just beyond the enterance is the Worg’s Den with three Worgs penned up and being tended too by two goblins. A surprise attack failed to take out both of the goblins, while one managed to stagger over to a pen and unleash a worg (or two) and that added fuel to the combat fire!

Next up was a guard room with two goblins arguing over gold coins on the table while an Orc slepted at a bed at the far end. Swords clashed and wounds were taken but the party went on. Discovering a privy and an Orc who was caught with his pants down, but Jace ended up slipping and falling to the ground and the Orc got an attack of opportunity on him good.

They discover a chamber with a pit and a beautiful young lady lying at the bottom of it, she is sleeping. Her clothes are expensive but seemed a little tattered. The band decides not to free her at this time considering looking around the warren a bit more to see what else they are up against.

They discover the goblin den and a few of them enjoying a good meal of a humaniod on the fire spit. Also, a big battle erupts here as the hero take out the goblins who cannot see worth of dam since they had a huge fire going but no air vent for the smoke to escape.

Wounded and weary our heroes travel onwards, after discovering a hidden cache of healing potions, and just in time as well as they discover the orc den. Several bunks align the cavern wall, as a human fighter and the orc leader discuss terms of getting money for the Baron’s daughter they had captured when the goblins attacked a caravan. Our heroes interrupt this meeting with blades and bloodshed.

The heroes explore the warren and discover a gigantic monitar lizard the goblins in a huge carvan. The goblins where praying to it and feeding it whatever they can find in the area to pease their dark god. After a huge battle and the monitar lizard the heroes free the baroness daughter and head back to the coach house to lick their wounds and count the gold they collected.

The End

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Ever struggled to explain tabletop RPGs to friends or family? You may want to point them to the Why People Play Tabletop RPGs page I recently created. It contains three short videos about why people play, what they get out of it, and the cultural impact of tabletop RPGs (and D&D in particular).


Ever struggled to explain tabletop RPGs to friends or family? You may want to point them to the Why People Play Tabletop RPGs page I recently created. It contains three short videos about why people play, what they get out of it, and the cultural impact of tabletop RPGs (and D&D in particular).

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My interested in role playing games happened by accident. It all started in September ‘79 when I missed the 3:15 bus and hung around school til the late bus (since I attended high school three towns over where I lived it was quite of a jaunt). The Games club was meeting and running AD&D and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. This was my first introduction into role playing games and let me tell you it was AWESOME. I didn’t know what I was rolling but the game master was telling the story, describing what was happening and asking me what I was doing. I was giving a Players Handbook by a fellow who had an extra copy he told me to read it and it will give me an idea of how the game played; he told me not to worry about the other books since there was stuff in it that I wasn’t suppose to know.

I didn’t pick up the second edition books when they first came out since I was heavily into AD&D 1st edition. Since there was only a few changes in the 2nd edition I house ruled them into the 1st edition campaign I was was running. I had picked up the re-release of the 2nd edition books (you might say the 2.5 version books) to add to the collection. I eventually waned from the 1st edition to 2nd edition and thought it might be good to have these set of rules on my shelf. Though when the 3rd edition was announced, I wasn’t planning on picking them up since I had sunk a bundle of money into the 1st two. Though, my players at the time had chipped in and bought me the core rulebooks after a few months it came out (God bless my group of players at the time). Though, I never did pick up the 3.5 edition since I had been going strong in 3rd and never saw the need for it. Soooooo 4th edition core rulebook was a gift from the family.

So there is my Reader’s Digest version of the D&D editions that I have.

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A List of AD&D Spells that someone had written and tucked away in the Middle Earth Role Playing book that I recently acquired. I like finding things like this in used books; hand written notes, a character sheet, a dollar bill as a book mark, also something like this.

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