It’s been a quiet afternoon here in the ol’ homestead since my kids went into the big city of Ottawa to do some shopping. So I’ve been reading through the 2nd edition AD&D books and sipping the “dark roast” blend that Tim Horton’s now offers.

Also, thinking of what to run at Cangames 2015 as well since it’s about nine months away. Which is slowly approaching. ;)

A Little Fears (1st Edition) Tale for Cangames 2014

GameMaster Note: This is not a typical scenario, being a Cangames scenario I decided to make a brutal “dungeon crawl” that hopefully the players would remember.

Cast of Characters:

  • Dexter, an 8 year old boy who loves playing baseball (Mark)
  • Darius, a 7 year old boy who was raised by the church (Chance)
  • Suki, a 6 year old girl, who can’t seem to keep her nose out of trouble (Jenn)
  • Angst, an 8 year old girl who wants to be a cheerleader one day (Duncan)
  • Maggie, 10 year old girl, and infacto leader of the gang (Glenn)

Scene One: Sometimes They Stick Around
It’s the last day of school at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Public School. Dexter and Maggie are hanging around the swing set waiting for the others to file out of there class rooms, since the all live in the same block they like to walk home in a group.

Dexter spots Darius talking to three of the bigger boys who seem to be interested in showing him something in the abandoned lot. The boys; Roy, Doyle and Jack have been trying to get Darius to tag along with them since the start of the school year. Darius has a bad feeling of something about the lot that he just doesn’t want to go.

Dexter and Maggie confront the boys. Roy tells them to mind their own business. It’s between Darius and them, Roy shoves Dexter and that starts the fight. Our heroes face the older boys and discover something strange about them; they all have slick back h air, wear jeans and plaid shirts, a package of Salem’s slips from one of the folds in the shirts. In the middle of the action, Mrs. Peller comes running across the yard yelling for the kids to stop fighting. Roy, Doyle and Jack high tail it out of there across the yard and over the fence.

Mrs. Peller inquires who where those boys, she tells the kids that they shouldn’t talk to strangers and that they should be on there way home. The kids try to tell her that those boys are also students, but she doesn’t think they are at all. She has never seen them around.

Scene Two: A Darkness Approaches
Dexter, Darius, Suki, Angst and Maggie are heading home, as they leave the school grounds they see that dark clouds are rolling in, the sound of thunder rumbles and the wind picks up some.

Maggie seems to think that Roy, Doyle and Jack could be some sort of Shades. They want to maybe check the abandoned lot later to see if it hold any clues why they want to take Darius there. But for now they have to get somewhere to get out of the storm. The storm seems to be scary and fear checks are made.

Scene Three: Metaplex Mall
The unnatural storm seems to get darker and gustier the further away they get from the school yard and the abandoned lot. They see the Mall and decide to get their and wait out the storm. What the kids don’t realize is that they have entered a Second Skin, Closetland has overlapped their domain since Angst seem to be afraid of the approaching storm.

The Mall seems to be empty, it seems that it’s a wasteland, like having been long abandoned and now consumed by mother nature.
"It’s like that show on TV "Life After People"," says Maggie. The rain comes down hard and the gang enters the mall.

Scene Four: Mister D, King of Burgers Wants Fresh Meat.
Second Skin has overlapped the real world, the Mall is empty and abandoned, looked like it hasn’t been used in years. The kids decide to leave when the doors all close and lock themselves and boards magically appear over the windows.

Fear factor kicks in big time and when the kids look at the food court they see a huge clown, with a mallet standing there looking at them. He smiles and says “Fresh meat for the Kid’s Meal” . There is a battle as the kids fight Mister D who is trying to pound them with the mallet, Darius tries something with his skateboard, but Mister D swings the mallet knocking Darius flying down the hallway.

Dexter, Maggie fights Mister D toe to toe while Angst and Suki realize the toys they are carrying are activated and they use them to their advantage and finally taking down the clown!

Scene Five: Night of The Living Mannequins
The gang go to find Darius and discover that the mannequins have surrounded him, they move about jerkily like animated dead they see in that TV series that the older kids watch. They push through, knocking the living dolls down, and proceed to find a way out when more mannequins emerge from the shop.

Dexter takes a baseball bat to the window of a store to make an exit and then he disappears! The other kids are shocked and stunned, Darius is about to say something but he too then disappears. Then Suki and Angst and finally Maggie.

Scene Six: You Kids Are Going To Pay For That
The kids are drawn from the Second Skin when they are nabbed by four Mall Cops. One of them has Dexter, another has Darius, A female guard has Suki and Angst by the arms. Maggie has another cop holding her shoulder.

The kids see they are in the mall with everyone looking at them, the mall cops drag the kids to the security office and proceed to call their guardians. The mall cops have broken the hold of Closetland of the gang and brought them back to the real world.

Once in the security office, the kids are questioned and their toys confiscated so they won’t do any more mischief. On the screen of the monitors they can see Roy, Doyle and Jack enter the mall and start causing a ruckus. This draws the attention to the mall cops who respond to the call.

Brent Harwood, the Mall Cop left behind to keep an eye on the kids, get a call as well. Angst pleads with him not to leave them because the darkness will come again, though it seems like the three goons from the school yard are really stirring up trouble. Brent tells them to stay there, their guardians are coming for them and leaves.

And sure enough the darkness comes transporting the Mall back to the Second Skin.

Scene Seven: Something In The Closet
The kids are discussing their getaway option, Dexter wants to squeeze through the air duct, Angst wants to wait for the mall cops to come back, Maggie gathers up all the records that she can and opens the closet to through the papers in there. But, then a Closet Monster makes a grab for her. The rest of the gang slams against the door, forcing the monster back into it’s domain.

At the moment, Brent, enters the office after deciding he shouldn’t leave the kids alone to find the room a mess and wondering where all the stuff on the desk has gone too. Maggie tells them in the closet and he opens the door and steps inside, the kids slam the door shut, Maggie sliding a door under the knob and the kids make their break out of the security mall.

Scene Eight: Here Be Spiders
In the hallway, there is cobwebs everywhere, sticky to the touch and seem to chime when moved. This signals a huge spider that appears at the end of the hallway, it turns around and fires a web hitting Darius and sticking him to the wall. Then four baby spiders emerge from the fire of the giant spider as they here “feed on them my children” and the big spider phases into darkness as the four smaller spiders approach. Maggie cuts Darius free as the others battle the spiders.

Scene Nine: Attack of The Centipede
Having left the corridor they find they are beside the Arcade and the games seem to be beckoning them. They enter to realize that Second Skin has changed things on them again. A huge 8 bit Centipede emerges from an old arcade machine and it’s another combat.

The way the arcade is set up and the rows of machines are it like an old 8 bit game where the kids run around trying to avoid a huge yellow orb with razor sharp teeth chasing them. Trying to find a way past the Centipede who is blocking the door. The gang is down but not out, having fought there way out of arcade, wounded and looking for a book store; they have a plan.

End Battle.
As they round the corner of the Metaplex Mall they can see a huge demonic beast standing there, this is Branxis the Enslaver, and he wants Darius! Give him Darius and the rest can go. The others without batting eyelashes decide to fight to the bitter end. And talk about a battle royale! Branxis calls forth Helter and Skelter to do his bidding since he cannot be bothered fighting in the Second Skin and he tells them to grab Darius and bring him back to Closetland. He is the key they need, the others can be dispatched.

Helter and Skelter try their damndest and the kids give as good as they get, spells are cast, bullets blast and swords clash and in the end Helter and Skelter are send back to Closetland empty handed and the kids celebrate their victory.

End Scene:
Their victory celebration is short lived as Mall Cops have grabbed the kids and say they are in big, big trouble since their guardians are here to take them home.

Roy, Doyle and Jack are waiting outside the doors of the mall, sitting in an old hot rod revving the engine….

Fade to Black.

My daughter bought me this pin while shopping in the market square at Cangames. I think she is trying to tell me something.

  1. Camera: Nikon COOLPIX L310
  2. Aperture: f/12.6
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 18mm

Made the trip up to Ottawa early Saturday morning, with three vehicles in tow. The gang met at my house and we left once the last able body arrived it was shortly after 7am. Our little convoy stopped off at Tim Horton’s before leaving town, to grab some coffee and grub to eat as we made the journey to the big city.

Then after a quick stop to pick up another body, who was sleeping soundly in his bed and didn’t here us pounding on the door and the windows to get his attention, we left three text messages and called his phone twice but to no avail. So, I left his coffee on the front step for him to get, eventually. And then on that note we left the town and made our way toward Ottawa.

We arrived a little after 8:30 am and found a parking spot and made the two block hike to where Cangames was being held. We entered and registered, I picked up my Game Master’s stuff as well, bought some game tokens and we decided to have a look to see what games we could get into.

It was nice to see the 2pm game that I was running had four people per-registered for the event leaving one slot open. My buddy, Mark, grabbed the slot. The others looked at the schedule to see if they can get a game together and Darryl ended up over at Tekumel game while the girls opted for a board hoard in the main area.

We tried for a few games for seven but most of them were already booked, but one game was still empty so we all decided to join. Mark, Peyton, Shelby, Erin, Sarah and I got the six slots that it was called for, leaving Darryl out of the loop since he didn’t purchase a game token for registration for a game. Once that was done, we decided to hit the market square to see what we could get.

As noted before, I scored a few games for my collection. Powers & Perils, Flashing Blades, DC Heroes which I have always wanted to obtain since trading it off decades ago. It was one thing that I had regretted doing. Darryl had picked up Airship Pirates and a supplement and gave it to me as an early birthday present.  An old friend, John, came by later in the morning and presented me with a|state and Witchcraft which he held for me for a long while, and I’m thankful for that.

Throughout the day, I managed to get d20 Judge Dredd, Underground Role Playing Game and three supplements, Skull & Crossbones rpg which made it a good day of acquiring for me!

Around 10:30 I get a text from Chance that he was sorry he overslept and that he was on his way.

So after the main browse through in the Market square, Mark and I decided to get something to drink, and then look through the loot we got. We had a few hours to kill before my 2pm game. Peyton had broken out Fluxx and we had a hand or two of it to play, which was a pretty cool time.

When 2pm rolled around I was down at my table, getting my Little Fears game ready to go. Out of the four per-registered players, one didn’t show up at the table. So Chance get in on the by (I will detail this game later). The game went along smoothly and ended after 3 and half hours of playing and the players enjoyed the session.

We did the dinner thing, I blew my diet by getting a poutinue. And, then we waited for 7 pm game to begin. It was a Pathfinder game that lasted 3.5 hours as well, and having been in battle after battle as we did an epic dungeon crawl. It was the first time running a game at Cangames for the GM and I say she did a good job doing so.

It was a long drive back to Smiths Falls afterward, we said our good byes. I was suppose to come back on Sunday but due to unforeseen circumstances was denied that experience. So, I got one day in at Cangames.

One day is better than none. :)

Scenes from Cangames

My loot from Cangames 2014: FGU’s Flashing Blades, FGU’s Skull & Crossbones, both period games that I always wanted to get in my collection. Cubicle 7’s Abney Park’s Airship Pirates RPG, plus the supplement Ruined Empires. Then it was the game I had at one time and lost when I moved around in my college years; Avalon Hill’s Powers & Perils. Mayfair Game’s DC Heroes Role Playing Game. As well as Mongoose Publishing;s d20 Judge Dredd rule book. the first edition of Myrmidon Press’s Witchcraft. A dark future roleplaying game from Contested Ground Studios called A|state! Finally, Underground Role Playing Game which came bundled with three supplements: Fully strapped and Always Packed, Streets tell Stories and a GM Screen as well.

The Cthulhu plushie was handed out by the GM of the Pathfinder game I played in at 7pm last night. It was her first time GMing at Cangames and she wanted to give the players around the table a memento!

  1. Camera: Nikon COOLPIX L310
  2. Aperture: f/3.1
  3. Exposure: 1/30th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm

Looking forward to chucking some dice and maybe killing a character or two (maybe three or more) at this years Cangames. This year I plan on making the scenarios I’m running memorable for the players, and hopefully let them be talking about it years down the road.

My Little Fears The Role Playing Game of Childhood Terror scenario has shaped up nicely, with the areas mapped out and events that happened during the run of the scenario will unfold (Ala sandbox style). I had changed up the “big boss” some to reflect the villainous nature of the scenario.

After reading a few scenarios that I wrote a while back, I also was toying with the idea of running a Talislanta scenario this year as well, but I’ll keep that for next year. After all, I go to Cangames to sit on the other side of the GM screen to play. If I wanted to constantly GM I’d stay at home and run a huge adventure for my players. :)

Got up this morning with an inkling of an idea for my Little Fears Role Playing Game scenario for Cangames 2014. It’s basically the same idea but a tweak in the direction I want to go with it, and it’s all thanks to the TV series Criminal Minds for it.

Let’s face the facts Criminal Minds is pure horror, it’s all about monsters and the hunters that hunt them add a supernatural element to it and you got yourself a bona fide tale of Closetand.

That’s it for the rewrites since I’m satisfied with what is written and can’t wait to give it spin at the table to see what unfolds now. It’s all in the dice now, to see whether characters will live or NOT.

*puts a pinky finger to the lips*
Muhahahahahahahahahahha! Muhahahahahahaha!

Rewrote my Little Fears scenario that I’m running at Cangames 2014. There was a couple of things that I wanted to change, especially the location and setting and I think it works much better this way. Well, in my mind at least it seems much better.

The changes are better suited for Little Fears and should amp up the horror/spooky element while running. The last time I ran it at Cangames there was no fear in my players eyes, this year I want to have them fear their characters and I just have a plan to do just that.

Muahhahahaha Muahahahahahhahah.

While I was in the rewriting frame of mind I also converted one of my Worlds Beyond worlds over to d20 Star Wars for something to do. It’s always good to have something on the back burner encase the current adventure goes south.

This morning got my notification that GM registrations where ready. This year forms are filled onsite for this years convention. No sooner had I gotten the request that I submitted what I wanted to run this year.

The one definite adventure I’ll be running is a Little Fears: The Role Playing Game of Childhood Terror adventure called “The Metaplex Incident”.  A simple dungeon-esque crawl as the players explorer an old abandoned school to find the deep dark secret the lies in wait.

One on the back burner (don’t know if I’ll run it) but submitted non-the-less is GDW’s Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Role Playing Game. The scenario; “Splashed, Bashed & Trashed" is sort of a Fast & Furious meets Mad Max in Jurassic Park.

Looking forward to this years because it marks the 20th year that I’ve been attending CanGames. Started back in 1994 when I was relatively new to the area and heard about the convention through another gamer at the time. Since then, it’s been a yearly excursion that let’s me rub elbows with fellow gamers of all walks of life.

Found this gem of a game at a Flea Market with a $2 price tag on it. Even though I have one on my shelf. I nabbed it! This is twice this week that a Palladium Books game has fallen into my hands! I think it’s a sign.

Printed off a few character sheets and took an old adventure off the shelf to give it a rewrite. Might run something at Cangames.

  1. Camera: Nikon COOLPIX L310
  2. Aperture: f/3.1
  3. Exposure: 1/30th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm

For the past couple of years now, Cangames have been handing out a special d6 with their logo  on it. You get one with your registration and also if you  are running an event (or two) you get another. My collection of these special die have been growing since they started doing this.

  1. Camera: Nikon COOLPIX L310
  2. Aperture: f/12.6
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 18mm