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Gruumsh, He-Who-Watches, He-Who-Never-Sleeps, greater god who judges each orc to be fit or unfit.  (Jeff Dee, AD&D Deities & Demigods, TSR, 1980.)


Gruumsh, He-Who-Watches, He-Who-Never-Sleeps, greater god who judges each orc to be fit or unfit.  (Jeff Dee, AD&D Deities & Demigods, TSR, 1980.)

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A huge cavern where a group of pirates where using as a base of operation in an old AD&D campaign I called “The Hygh Seas”. Each square on the grid was 10 feet.

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The Map of Beckertown.

Not one of my players decided change the Mayor’s name.

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The Trembling - An AD&D 2e Adventure

On the eve of the 40th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons I decided to run a quick & dirty adventure.

Cast of Characters:

  • Lucille Belle - Human Fighter (SaVi)
  • Rozalinda Lupin - Elf Mage (Sarah)
  • Pansy Boffin - Halfling Rogue (Harley)
  • Elsa Lunari - Elf Ranger (Peyton)
  • Artaine Daye - Human Fighter (Chance)
  • Arianna Glendale - Elf Fighter (Bailey)
  • Dargie Forryl - Elf Fighter (Darryl)

The 25th of Janus, In The Year of 214 NC

Our adventure begins in the town of Beckertown (pop 85) during a winter storm. Rozalind, Elsa, Arianna, Dargie and Pansy have come in from the North Woods of Kantor, coming from the elvin settlement to the human centric area for trades and goods.

As they enter the only inn/tavern in town “Sam & Ella’s Pub”, the Mayor of Beckertown, stumbles out and bumps into Rozalinda knocking her off her feet. He’s drunker than a skunk and staggers off apologizing as well. He welcomes the arrival of the elves since this means there be some fine spirits in the tavern as well. Though, he excuses himself as the ground itself seems to tremble with Frostquakes. Pansy decides to pick his pocket and the Mayor turns about saying “Did you feel that?”. Pansy just smiles and nods. “Good gods those frostquakes are getting closer!”

Pansy liberated the Mayor of 10 gold coins, 1 brass ring and a tiny red gem.

Inside the pub sits Artaine at the bar, sucking back some drinks. He was on a coach going through town several weeks ago and then winter decided to make an appearance and he’s been stuck her since then. Lucille is sitting at a table by herself, enjoying a meal and a fine wine. She town has been snowed in as well and in the process of suffering from cabin fever. Sam, the pub owner and bartender, greets the arrival of the elves and the lone halfling. Since it means the trade merchant is in. Ella takes their order as the minstrel, Mellow Mook, breaks into an elvish song. He too has been stuck in town for a few weeks and trying to earn his keep for the winter months as well.

The ground itself shakes again, the elves inquire on what is happening. Lucille relays to them that it’s been going on for two days now saying that the Mayor thinks it’s frostquake.

"You know when the ground gets too cold that it becomes like blocks of ice and rubs together," she says matter of fact.

The ground shakes around them once again, spilling drinks and knocking over stools some. Rozalinda panics, Pansy is startled by Rozalinda’s scream and scampers for a hiding place. Artaine slides off the stool to approach the elves when suddenly the floor board erupts and out  scamper several huge beetles!

Chaos erupts in the bar, Artaine faces a huge beetle, as Sam ducks behind the bar and Ella screams in terror as she grabs the poker by the hearth. The minstrel, Mellow, scampers away like a madman. Our heroes brave, fearless souls proceed to do battle with theses giant critters. Overall, five beetles emerged from the ground, scuttling about, as arrows are flown, swords are swung and wounds are taken.

After several minutes of pure adrenaline of battle the beetles are finally dealt with. Artaine glances down the tunnel the critters had dug and asks Sam for a torch and decides to see how far it goes. The other members of the tavern decide to see what the hell it lead to as well.

Artaine emerges in a huge caver where it looks like a large group of kobolds where getting ready to use as well. Though, it seemed they where getting a pep talk from their leader who was standing on a boulder saying things in kobold. The rest of the party arrives and there is a huge fight in the cavern as arrows fly, swords clash, clubs are swung and spears are thrown.

This battle took the better part of the night, but it seems our heroes have quashed an underground invasion.

Two kobold manage to break free from the combat and flee down a passageway where moments later a huge gong like sound can be heard.  The bell echoing throughout the underground cavern….

"Oh this doesn’t bode well," Artaine says.

Fade to Black.

Happy Anniversary D&D!

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Kuo-Toa defend the idol of Blibdoolpoolp, Sea Mother.  (Jim Roslof, from the combined version of AD&D module D1-2: Descent into the Depths of the Earth, TSR, 1981.)

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Here Be Dragons…

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Where Goblin’s Roam.

The start of a goblin lair…

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Incident Near Smythsville: Brigands On The Road.

Elsa Lunari - Elvin Ranger (Peyton)

Our adventure begins on the Great Northern Road in the Kingdom of Brumal. Elsa is on The Grey Mares Coach. She is one of three passengers at the moment. The coach is making it’s way around a bend when the coachmen has to swerve to avoid a tree in the way and takes to the ditch.

The coach tips over and then there is the sound of combat as brigands emerge from their hide hole. They murder one of the coach men and demand the others to give up without a fight or else face the consequences like the driver does.

Elsa, is really ticked off since the coach flipped and she banged her face off the wall causing her nose to bleed. With bow in hand and arrows ready to fly she pops up on the side of the overturned coach and gets the surprise. She does a quick scan of the brigands to see who might be the leader and picks him off with an arrow (a critical shot to the noggin will do the trick). She then turns to the closest one and picks him off (with another critical shot to the upper torso).

The remaining brigands are demoralized and flee like ashes in the wind. Elsa fires off another round of arrows, both hitting there mark, wounding another two. She drops down from the overturned coach, though she is not giving chase because she thinks the brigands have learned a valuable lesson today: (Nobody Makes Elsa Bleed Her Own Blood).

After inspect the coach and seeing two busted wheels, the remaining coachmen suggest they should walk to Dove’s Dale since it’s just a few miles away and they probably can get help there. He says it’s an outpost where the coaches stop and the hamlet of Smythsville as well. Elsa agrees and decides to take point with bow ready, just incase the brigands manage to find their courage and come back.

The group makes it to the outskirts of Smythsville when Elsa spots a huge amount of tracks that have crossed the road at one point. She inspects closer and discovers that worgs and goblins had crossed the road at some point in time. She urges the group to hurry up before night fall.

Once in Smythsville the coachmen goes to the Legionnaires barracks to inform them of the brigand attack. Elsa and the rest of the passengers head to Dove’s Dale to see if they can get a bunk for the evening. Once inside there is talk of possible goblin attack on a nearby farm and that a group of hearty souls went out to investigate the incident.

Her curiosity is piqued when it’s discovered that one of the heroes happens to be an elf and that the description of the elf might be someone she knows. She makes a decision to go out to the farm in the morning if they haven’t returned by then….

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Dusting off the 2nd Edition books since I will be running a campaign every other week. Moved them from the shelf on the other side of the room to right beside the game table for easier access.

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