Jul 27 2014

The Oldenhaller Contract - A WFRP Tale

Cast of Characters:
Emmeryn Rose, an elfin warrior/bodyguard - (Peyton)
Shepherd Grace, a halfling rogue/gambler - (Nevion)
Joe, a human warrior/soldier - (Derek)
Cole “Coalrun, a dwarf warrior/laborer - (Darryl)
Sammy “The Peck” Derwin - a halfling warrior - (Chance)

Emmeryn, Shepherd and Joe head back to the Reaver’s Return. As they walk in they see Cole feeling better, he’s sitting down at a table with a halfling, who he introduces as Sammy.

Sammy seems to fit in nicely with this band of misfits and decides to tag along to see what trouble they can get into. Shepherd and Emmeryn wants to buy some Armour, Joe wants to pick up a shield as well so they divide up the pot and hit center of town to the main square to do some shopping.

While in Reiks Platz they see a huge ancient tree in the middle of the square. With a trunk as wide as a hut serves as a notice board. A lot of messages on the trunk, most from travelers trying to find friends, a few missing posters, a wanted poster or two (maybe three) as well. Though, one post really catches their eyes.

"Specialist required for repossession job. One night’s work, legal, some danger, good money. Military background helpful. No timewasters. Seek Councilor Oldenhaller, Oldenhaller Mansion, Oldenhallerstrasse."

The crew decides to head to the mansion. As they walk up to the doors, it opens and a small group of rag tag band people leave, apparently they weren’t worthy enough for the task at hand and are in disgust about it. As they walk past one of the fellows say out loud “It’s not worth your time.”

The group meets up with Councilor Albrecht Oldenhaller. He tells them a little history of who he is and what he does in the city of Nuln and that the task at hand is to be dealt with in a delicate manner.   An aid enters the room and whispers in his ears and he nods his head yes and then he looks at the party and continues.

He tells them of a special gem that has appeared in the city that was acquired by the House of Oldenhaller by a gang known as Schatzenheimer and they have failed to make delivery. Oldenhaller wants the party to recover the stone and bring it to him before dawn. He tells them the legend of the stone in particular, especially that this gem was attached to a ring worn by Nurgle the Chaos God himself. The party looks at each other in disbelief, Oldenhaller assures them that it’s mere speculation but a contract is a contract that he wants to have fulfilled.

Oldenhaller’s aid returns with a beautiful carved wooden box and places it on the desk. Oldenhaller tells them the box is designed and enchanted to suppress the magic of anything placed inside it. He also has a guide to show them to an entrance to an area known as The Asylum.

The councilor expresses that secrecy is essential. He tells them that leader of Schatzenheimer’s is a fellow named Kurt Volger. He also informs them of two other gangs that use The Asylum: The Valantinas and also The Huyderman Gang as well. But these two gangs shouldn’t be a concern at all.

The gang is lead to the Asylum entrance. The Asylum is located in the north end of the city on the west bank of the river Reik. It consists of part of the city’s sewer system and a series of old and long forgotten basements and cellars which have been sealed off and is used as a base of operations for the thieves.

Cole takes the point, followed by Emmeryn and Sam with Shepherd and Joe taking the rear. Cole enters and leads the group down a steep incline and down a sewage passage that comes up to a door. A sign is on the door but since no one reads/writes they proceed in. Cole turns the handle to open, which sets off a pit trap. Cole grabs hold of the door handle as the pit opens and Sammy and Emmeryn fail dexterity test and fall forward. Shepherd makes a grab for Sammy but fails, Joe manages to grab Emmeryn and yanks her back to safety. Sammy falls into the pit and takes minimum damage.

Cole turns the handle which closes the trap and sealing Sammy in the pit. The door opens and the party crosses and closes the door, Cole turns the handle which activates the trap and opens the pit. Sammy using his Scale Sheer Surfaces climbs out and joins the party.

They are in a room that has overturned table, a couple of lockers that have been forced open and blood splatters about the wall. After a quick search to find nothing of use, our heroes venture forth.

They enter a hall where the floor is strewn with bodies, broken furniture and blood stains nearly everywhere. With weapons ready, our heroes begin to explore what had happened in the Hall. Four members of the Schatzenheimer along with two members of the Valantinas lie on the cold stone floor, stripped of items. Our heroes deduce that some gang war recently occurred and proceed onwards.

As they venture forth they discover more bodies and signs of combat. rooms ransacked. It looks like they are late for the party and that someone else was here looking for something; maybe the gem they are seeking as well. They search for clues and items amongst the debris and then press on.

In another room there be more bodies in a store room, as they begin to search one of the corpse sits up and fires a crossbow saying “You messed with the wrong person, Valantinas!” The bow goes wild, and Sammy steps forward arms out stating they are not Valntinas, they are here to talk with the leader, Kurt Holger. The wounded man explains that Kurt is dead as well, the Valantinas had entered and basically took no prisoners. They bandage the wounded man and advise him to get up and go to see a physician, as they proceed to go into Valantinas territory.

They enter the Valantinas guard room, where several of the gang members are sitting and celebrating their victory over the Schatzenheimers. And before words are exchanged our heroes charge in and a huge battle begins. Battle is bloody and pretty dangerous as flintlocks are fire, crossbows released and axes sink into skulls. Our heroes take some serious wounds, but in the end the Valantina guards are disposed.

Gathering up items and bolts, they go into the next room where a foreman is order several Tileans to load up carts with crates and barrels. Cole decides to walk up to the Tilleans and see what is going on, once he is there he attacks one of the men, taking him down. The Foreman lets out a shout and proceeds to flee. Sammy, Shepherd, Joe and Emmeryn give chase, leaving Cole to face the surviving Tileans who don’t take to kindly to him and proceed to kick the living snot out of him.

They take down the foreman and enter back to help Cole deal with the Tileans.

After all is said and done, wounds are tended too and the heroes decide what to do next…

Fade to Black.

Jul 27 2014
"Married one day and you are already domesticated!"
Harry Kim to Tom Paris - Star Trek Voyager: Course: Oblivion
Jul 26 2014


After a three week hiatus the Saturday gaming group got together today and we continued on with the WFRP campaign, after three homebrewed adventures I have finally brought the characters into The Oldenhaller Contract!

I will blog about this adventure in another post.

Had a new “old” player at the table, Chance, decided to grace us with his presence this evening and it was quite a hoot of an adventure.

Though, it is with a heavy heart that I will be losing one (more like two) players in February due to life changes happening. Be they promised to continue gaming til then.

Jul 26 2014
Joan looks like she step off a steam engine from 1905

Joan looks like she step off a steam engine from 1905

Jul 26 2014
Getting ready for the photo shoot. Random pic.

Getting ready for the photo shoot. Random pic.

Jul 26 2014

The Photo Shoot of The Railway Children

I was reminded by my youngest daughter yesterday, that there was a photo shoot going on for the Railway Children.

Several of the actors and crew were to meet at the Station Theatre to get into costume and then head down to the old Train Station in town to have some pictures taken to be used as promos. Well, any chance to dress up in costume and be seen in the public is a good publicity for the play.

The Railway Children takes to the stage August 14, 15, 16 and 22, 23 show time 7:30 PM. Sunday Matinees August 17 & 24, Matinee showtime: 2:00 pm.

Jul 26 2014


After a three week hiatus, my Saturday crew should be gathering this evening for some old fashioned tabletop gaming! Been looking forward to this for a little bit, it will be nice to see the group together again rolling some dice and killing some critters.

The key word here is SHOULD, since summer is here usually Saturday gaming is sporadic at best; Vacations, members of family popping by or old friends dropping in for a visit, etc, are just few of the reasons why gaming is called. Like last week when two of my players had unexpected company drop in for the weekend. The two weeks before that I was up north spending time with my folks (though I did get my game on with old friends).

I know my players (as well does my family and I) have a life outside the game table. So, tonight the dice will roll once again.

Jul 25 2014
The Railway Children photo shoot at the Smiths Falls Railway Museum.

The Railway Children photo shoot at the Smiths Falls Railway Museum.